20 Images of African American Midwives

Today we are showcasing a part of history that is so important to the Black Southern Belle. We have a history of being nurses, doctors, and caretakers but one of the roles that were most important to the Black Southern Belle community was the midwife.A� Today we are highlightingA�20A�Images of African American Midwives. This history is Women’s history, African American history, and American history. We are honored to show this history through beautiful images and if you have some of your own be sure to share them with us.

20 Images of African American Midwives

We love this beautiful images. It evokes so many emotions and we love seeing the signature midwife bag.
We can see the beaming pride from this graduating class of midwives.
We love this casual image of midwives at the Penn Center in St. Helena Island, South Carolina.
This is a touching shot of a midwife after a long day of work.
Such a fun throwback image of this Midwives Manual.
We adore the backdrop of the beautiful southern home and vintage trucks of this coordinating group of midwives.
Nothing like spending a little time in the garden before taking care of your midwife duties.
Everyone needs a little break for themselves and these midwives are looking stylish while doing it.
We love seeing the intensity of this midwife take care of her patient.
At Benedict College, these midwives in training are honing in on their skills.
This is such a precious moment between a child and his midwife.
Thi is such a classic image of midwives who are based in St. Augustine, Florida.
These ladies are all smiles as they prepare for a busy day of working.
We love this class image of nurses in Jacksonville, Florida who will prepare take on many midwife duties for their respective communities.

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