Images of Texas African American Art We Adore

Are you a proud Texan and want to display that in your home? We have curated a few of our favorite pieces of Texas African American art. From Dallas to Houston, African American culture and art are integral parts of the Texas community and we are privileged to showcase a few of our favorite pieces. Be sure to check these Images of Texas African American Art We Adore. If you have more favorite Texas artists to share, please send to us on social media using the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle


Images of Texas African American Art We Adore

Thomas Black Shear – Texas Chillin

Thomas Richman Blackshear II (born November 14, 1955) is an African-American artist, many of whose paintings adorn Evangelical churches. He is also a sculptor and a designer of ornaments, often of African American themes.


Ted Ellis, My Block

Ted Ellis grew up in New Orleans, a city known for its rich African-American heritage and history, and has lived for the past 25 years in Friendswood. A former environmental chemist, the self-taught painter blends realism and impressionism, evoking nostalgia and inspiration in his subjects that celebrate the African-American experience of the rural South.


Arthello Beck, Jr

Beck often painted scenes of places he had visited, using a variety of mediums, including oils, watercolors, and charcoal. Beck was born in Dallas, Texas, and attended Lincoln High School, where he received his only formal art training. Afterward, he worked for the United States Postal Service, as well as various other jobs before becoming a professional artist. He is possibly known best for his works from the 1960s dealing with the Civil Rights Movement, although Beck commonly featured other subjects, including children, religion, and human interaction, particularly in the African-American community in the southern regions of the United States. A longtime resident of Oak Cliff, Beck was a firm believer in grassroots movements, and established the Arthello Beck Gallery, which became a centerpiece of the Dallas area art scene in the 1970s and 80s, and was instrumental to the careers of many black artists



John Thomas Biggers, Shotgun Third Ward #1

John Thomas Biggers was an African-American muralist who came to prominence after the Harlem Renaissance and toward the end of World War II. Biggers has worked on creating works critical of racial and economic injustice. 



Michiel Perry

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