Images of the Martin Luther King’s Family We Love

We love celebrating family at Black Southern Belle. Today we are honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King by showing the love of his family. We have curated Images of the Martin Luther King’s Family We Love. These classic images tell a story of not only the Civil Rights era but of a family enjoying time with each other. Check out these images below for a walk through history:

Images of the Martin Luther King’s Family We Love

Such a classic family photo. Tons of smiles and good times.

Family dinner is so important in the South. We love seeing the King family enjoying this experience.

Life is better with an infant and the beautiful sounds of music.

This image is so classic and loving. Can’t get enough of this classic southern baby bonnet.

Can’t go wrong with spending time on the front porch with your family, a true southern tradition.

Baby time is always a great time for mom and dad.

Playing on the swing is always more fun with your dad hanging out with you.

No matter how busy dads are, they always make time for their daughters.

Such a regal family photo. Mrs. King looks absolutely stunning!

The parents are all smiles here. Such cute outfits on the kids!

Looks like it is time to prepare for a picnic for the King children. Adore the cute white loafers on these darlings!

We adore this special moment. Parents are never too busy for their kids.

These darling babies are too precious! Such a great family moment.

You have to star them young with enjoying life. Love this moment with a hula hoop in the living room!

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