Louisiana Belle of Curated Southern Cuisine

If there is one thing a Black Southern Belle knows how to do, it is how to cook. This Lousiana Bred belle took her passion for food and is showcasing artisan inspired southern cuisine with a focus on creole cooking. We are so excited to showcase this Texas based chef today. Learn more about the woman behind One Feisty Chef today and get inspired by her love of food (hopefully make a dish or two of your own as well)


 Your Name: Andremica Scott

Business Name: One Feisty Chef, LLC

Alma Mater: The Art Institute of Houston

Hometown: Charenton, Louisiana

Current location: Houston, Texas

Website Link: www.OneFeistyChef.com

 What services do you provide? Full-Service Catering and Personal Chef Services

Why did you decide to start a business? I’m a creative person, and I get bored easily with repetitiveness. I like to be surrounded by change. I knew I couldn’t continue to work for someone else and do the same thing over and over again. So I decided to start a catering company that would be innovative and filled with a radical personality. lol

Before you owned a business, what did you do? I worked with a really big catering company here in Houston straight out of culinary school and immediately saw no area for growth or creativity. So I left and started my own catering company while working in different restaurants for more experience and knowledge of the business., However, out of all the restaurants I’ve worked in there was only one (Sorrel Urban Bistro) that actually fed my creativity. After working at Sorrel for about a year, they closed down, and after that I focused on my catering company 100% and never looked back.

What is your favorite client story? I was about a year into my business and I met this new client randomly in the store. She stopped me and asked if I was caterer, I guess the massive amount of food in my basket was a dead giveaway. Anyways, I proceeded to tell her about my business and gave her my business card, she literally called me when she left out of the store – I was still in it! Lol I spoke with her about her event, and the words that I’ve been waiting to hear from a client were spoken over the phone that day. “Just do your thing, I’m sure it’ll be great,” she said. I was shocked because she didn’t even know me but had faith in me. I was also excited because this is the moment I’d been waiting for – to just do me. I went all out for her event, truly showed her who One Feisty Chef was. Which she loved, by the way, she expected good food, but the presentation was mind blowing. It’s a simple client experience, but it has stuck with me all these years, I used to doubt myself for not being in the box, or not being a well-known chef, but when this random person showed faith in me and my service I knew I was on the right track. After that, I never played it safe. My clients never know what to expect when I show up now.

 What is the most interesting client request you have had? My most interesting client request was when a client asked if I could create an Asian – Soulfood fusion menu. I came up with Buttermilk Fried Chicken with General Tso Sauce, Dirty Fried Rice, Collard Green and Sweet Potato Egg Rolls with Sweet & Sour Pot liquor, Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls, Collard Green Salad with Ginger Sesame Dressing, and Peach Cobbler Wontons. The guests were a bit skeptical, yet intrigued. Eventually, they gave it a try and loved everything.

What is the most important thing you have done to build your business? Staying true to who I am and being consistent with what I do and believe. I don’t focus on quantity, I literally love what I do and focus on showing my love through my work.

Who are some of your business idols? Chef Richard Ingraham founder of ChefRLI and Chef Roble of Chef Roble & Co. They are both influential and innovative chefs that take risks and let their food speak for them. That’s how I look at food, as an expression.

Do you have any mentors? Nope lol – my imaginary mentor is Chef Tiffani Janelle of ChefToTheStars. She’s a chef in Houston, with clientele all over the U.S. She has capitalized on her brand, and is on the verge of building an empire. I admire everything she does.

What is your favorite thing about being southern? My big loud family. When we get together it’s on a whole new level, Easter is in Thanksgiving form and Thanksgiving looks like we’re trying to feed the masses, and let’s not even get on Sunday dinner.

What is your favorite southern entrees or sides? Gumbeaux – hands down! Baby, if you put a pot of gumbo in front of me please expect to get a bowl.

What is your favorite item or piece of clothing to wear/use while doing business? My black and white Steve Madden sneaker wedges. They are sooo comfortable, and I don’t have to worry about everyone towering over me since I’m so short.

 What are your 5 Favorite Go To appetizers for a last minute party? Curry Deviled Eggs, Coconut Shrimp Lollipops, Chipotle Chicken Lollipops, Bourbon Bacon Sliders, and Pecan Candy Brownie Bites



Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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