Madison and Carlin: Georgia Peach Finds Her Prince

The only thing better than an HBCU wedding is an HBCU proposal and this engagement story is the epitome of HBCU love. Read more about Madison and Carlin’s beautiful surprise proposal and love story of a Howard woman finding her Aggie groom.

Bride Name: Madison Savannah Shaw
Groom Name: Carlin Pierre Myrick
Engagement Location: Washington, DC
Engagement Date: May 9 2015
Alma Mater of Bride: Howard University
Alma Mater of Groom: North Carolina A&T University
Current City where you live: Washington, DC
About the Bride: The bride is a member of Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha and a Mental Health Therapist for a mental health agency in Washington DC.
About the Groom: Carlin is preparing to attend Officer Candidates School for the United States Marine Corps and is a Mason.
Bride Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Groom Hometown: Germantown, Maryland

How did you meet? Carlin and I met on May 11, 2008, in Washington DC. At the time, Howard University’s annual graduation festivities just wrapped up. I was talking about the weekend and complaining about a boy to my best friend/ linesister Ashley Blaine Featherson. She suggested that I stop complaining and start dating. She recommended that I go on a date with her childhood friend, Carlin. The ironic thing is that Ashley mentioned him before, during our junior year, but at the time he had a girlfriend. Ashley thought “why not?!” and that going on a blind date would be harmless. Although, she mentioned Carlin before, I needed more references and motivation to go on a blind date. So, I checked out Carlin’s Facebook page and told Ashley to tell him to call me if he wanted to go out. Carlin called me that night and we talked for six hours. Through our conversation, we found out that we both loved breakfast a night, so we decided to go to The Diner in Adams Morgan for our first date.

How long have you dated? Carlin and I dated for seven years

How did he propose? Well, Carlin proposed by pranking me. My friend Ashley called me and said she would be in a movie soon. I was super excited and not surprised at her success since she filmed a movie the year before. She said the movie premise was based off HBCU life, therefore BET invited her to come to Washington, DC so they could do some behind the scenes filming with her college friends. Ashley requested that I not tell anyone until she sent out an email to our linesisters. She also requested that I tell Carlin the news and to ask him to invite his friends because she wanted to have a some guys there as well. Ashley sends the email and included specific instructions and the location for brunch. The day finally comes. Ashley arrives and I am very excited because this movie appears to be the next big thing for her. Ashley advised me to be super cute because BET would want to interview me as her best friend. We arrived at Zengo Restaurant for the brunch. When everyone arrived, Ashley announced that the film crew would be coming soon and she thanked everyone for supporting her career and coming to share this moment. Carlin then requested to speak on Ashley’s accomplishments. Through his speech he then transitioned into how Ashley was the reason we met and thanked her for the introduction. He continues to talk about how we met and how special our relationship has been to him. I start to think “ This is sweet, but what does this have to do with Ashley’s movie?” He then proceeds to ask me to stand up and proposes! There was never a movie, BET never came, and the entire occasion was set up for him to propose.

Were you surprised? I was TOTALLY surprised!

Did he plan the engagement on his own? If not, who helped? Carlin did plan the proposal with the help of Ashley and my roommate Imoni Hampton.

When did you know he was the one? This is a funny question, because I have many moments when I thought he was the one. However, I really knew he was the one when I went to visit him in North Carolina. This was a year and half into our relationship and we were trying to manage being long distance. I was coming from Atlanta and Carlin was still at North Carolina A&T for school. I got kicked off an Amtrak train for using a family friend’s discounted ticket. The ticket had the family friends name on the ticket instead of mine. Amtrak kicked me off the train at their South Carolina station. Carlin tried to talk to everyone to keep me on the train. After the madness, Carlin said, “ I’m coming to get you.” He came all the way from North Carolina to get me.

What is the cutest thing he has done for you without you asking? Cooking me breakfast. I really do not like cooking and I often skip breakfast. I am not sure if he knew this was a habit of mine but Carlin cooks me breakfast often and I never have to ask him.

What do you think is his favorite thing about you that is Southern? His favorite thing about me that is Southern, is probably the way that I dance, my taste in music and southern artist.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life? I love that he is the polar opposite of me. Carlin is a very practical and logical person. He is also has a calm personality which levels out my energetic personality. It has help me become very grounded and he also taught me to not stress out or sweat the small stuff.

What are you excited most about having a Southern wedding?
I am most excited about having a Southern ambiance at my wedding. There is nothing like it. The venues in the South cater to the southern experience and naturally have southern hospitality.

What do you think will be the most fun to plan and why? I think the most fun will to plan will be planning wedding attire! I am super ecstatic to pick out my wedding dress. I am also excited about styling my bridesmaids. I want everyone by my side to look fabulous. It will be fun the bring all the colors and styles together.

What is most important to you about your wedding?
The most important thing to me about my wedding is that our family and friends have FUN! Carlin and I are a fun and free couple. So overall, we just want to everyone to have a good time.

What was your first thought the day after your engagement? I thought I was in a dream. The funny thing is, I knew he would propose some time soon. I could feel it. I just did not know it would have been like this. I was still in shock and looked at my ring a million times. Words cannot describe how I feel about planning the rest of my life with Carlin. We have been through everything under the sun and have truly grown together as a couple. I have no doubt the God put us in each other’s lives on purpose.

We are sooo happy for this beautiful couple and wish them the very best throughout their planning process and marriage.

Also, we want to do a special shout out to the planning committee for the proposal, Imoni, Carlin (great job Groom!) and Ashley as well as the wonderful photography courtesy of  Rhea Whitney Photography. IG @Rheawhitney. Make sure to follow her on instagram!

We love starting off Mondays with some engagement. Congratulations Carlin and Madison!






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