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Louisiana is a special place. The home of New Orleans, Gumbo, Mardi Gras and so many other heaven sent things. In addition to all of this, Louisiana is the home of great southern homes and interior design. Arianne Bellizaire is one of the women helping to create these beautiful interiors. This Avondale, Louisiana native is currently based in Baton Rouge and loves everything southern and home decor. Today we are featuring her personal story as well as her beautiful home (which we adore)! Get inspired by Arianne and get some ideas for your next home decor project. Better yet, hire her to help you 😉



Arianne Bellizaire


Owner & Founder


Arianne Bellizaire Interiors, LLC and Inspired To Style (blog)


Avondale, Louisiana

Current City:

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Website: and


What do you love about southern decor?

I love the warmth of southern decor and the architectural details inherent in southern homes. Even in new construction homes, you’ll notice an effort to incorporate details like exposed brick, cypress beams and crown-molding.

What is your favorite room to decorate and why?

My favorite room to decorate is a bedroom because this is the space that is often most neglected (because our guests don’t typically see it) but it affects our psyche in so many ways! We spend more time in our bedrooms than in any other room in the home, believe it or not, so it should reflect our personalities but also put us at ease and create feeling of comfort and relaxation above all else.

What home decor item is a must have to you?

Throw pillows! I have a serious problem with throw pillows. I love that this one element can be such a work-horse for a room. Pillows add color, texture and visual interest to a space in a way that is relatively inexpensive and easy to change out should you get tired of your current palette!

If you could only shop in store for your home which would it be and why?

I tend to work directly with my trade, and I rarely shop for an entire room in just one store but I think my secret go to if I had to offer one would be Home Goods! I like the fact that I can find everything from furniture to lighting to rugs and accessories in one store, but the true value of Home Goods comes with knowing your brands and which deals are actually STEALS that can’t be passed up!

Do you have a favorite fabric pattern or color? 

My current favorite pattern is anything chinoiserie related! I would describe my design style as classic contemporary, so where my furniture selections and accessories may have a modern spin, the fabrics and prints can bring in the traditional element without making a space feel dated. Chinoiserie style prints have a classic, timeless quality to them even though this style is currently a hot trend!

What is your favorite southern dish? 

Gumbo! I love to eat a bowl of my mom’s gumbo during the cool, Fall months!

What are some of your favorite southern decor brands and why? I think monograming pillows and linens is a great way to bring style and personalization to a space. Leotine Linens, based in New Orleans, is known for its beautiful monogrammed linens, bedding and tablecloths. 

How can we connect with you?

You can find me on Instagram (@inspiredarianne, Facebook (Inspired To Style with Arianne Bellizaire), Twitter (@inspiredarianne) and Periscope (@inspiredarianne), but my blog is where you really want to plug in to see my design tips, trend alerts and sneak peeks of my current projects!

What is your favorite room in your home?

My favorite room in my home is my bedroom, but our formal living room is a close second!


What is your favorite DIY project for a client?

My favorite DIY project for a client was to use a fabric print as art by having it cut and framed. We hung six of these framed pieces of “art” in a grid along a large plank wall in my clients’ master bedroom for one big visual impact!

Who influenced you to become an interior designer?

I would have to say that Suzanne Kasler was an early influencer for me. I loved reading her design tips in the Ballard catalogs, and after reading a few of her books and studying her work, I was inspired to take steps toward becoming a design professional, myself!

Describe your decor style in one sentence?

Classically current interiors with an aire of sophistication and a heavy dose of livability!

Headshot image courtesy of: Crystal Abadie Photography

Interior Shots Courtesy of:  Arianne Bellizaire


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