Mother-Daughter Bond: 3 Ways My Mom Influenced My Love of Design

The mother-daughter bond is a precious and so important to the development of a woman. A mother’s style and mannerisms influence everything for their child.  For Ariene Bethea, Owner of Dressing Room Interiors Studio, this mother-daughter bond would help her propel her into an entrepreneurial passion for styling and design. Her mother, Betty Dennis, a Washington DC native,  was a truly stylish woman who was influenced by all the cultures and color the world has to offer and Ariene is sharing with us the 3 Ways Her Mom Influenced Her Love of Design.

Image of Betty Dennis
Image of Ariene Bethea, Owner of Dressing Room Interiors Studio

Mother-Daughter Bond: 3 Ways My Mom Influenced My Love of Design

  1. Incorporating Culture. My mom’s love for African and Asian culture was displayed throughout our home in art, masks and sculptures.  Next to paintings of African American girls you’d find a Japanese landscape. Her display of cultures has greatly influenced my design style.  I lean heavily on ethnic masks and sculptures to bring dimension and culture into my design. I have a kimono in my living room for God’s sake!
  2. Bold Hues.  In writing this I just realized my mom’s influence on my home’s color palette.  Our dining set was black and white, we had a custom red carpet in the living that complimented the red oil painting paired with a modern modular sectional sofa. The red oil painting from my childhood home hangs in my living room surrounded by black and white textiles and pops of red.  She was not afraid of color and I’m not either.
  3. Always Editing & Curating.  Although my mother was not a designer, she had a designer’s eye.  She would change out her pillows each season, update her gallery wall with new art that she saved for and recover her dining chairs when she was tired of looking of them.  Now as a vintage dealer I curate for a living.  Whether it’s styling coffee tables, walls or rooms, curating spaces brings me great joy.


Mother Daughter Bond: 3 Ways My Mom Influenced My Love of Design

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