Nashville, TN Travelogue: How to Explore Nashville’s Black Heritage

Overtime a successful Black Southern Belle turns into a true tourist. She seeks to find places that are well-known, secluded yet city like, large but homey, and ranked high in places to visit. She has already traveled to most of the place’s common vacay places where a passport is required, but now she is focused on cherishing the moments of what the US has to offer and be in the environment she feels the most comfortable; the South. 

Nashville, TN Travelogue: How to Explore Nashville’s Black Heritage

Instead of lying on the beach for this vacation, a Black Southern Belle should prepare herself to learn something new from visiting museums, touring HBCU campuses, and partaking in events that will better one’s professional career. Today, I’m going to share 4 events you don’t want to miss when traveling to Nashville, Tennessee.

Trip to Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Civil Rights Movement Tour

Looking for a tour that will give you all the insight about Nashville, TN; well this is the picture-perfect tour for you. This tour provides the locations, places, and the history of each and how they played a role in Nashville’s Civil Rights Movement. From HBCU universities; including Fisk University and Tennesse State University, to local high schools, churches, and recreation centers; these places provide a deep connection to the past and give those who came before us credit for everything they fought for. By attending this tour, you should be prepared to learn something you didn’t know and leave with a feeling of understanding and love for the culture of the South.

2. National Museum of African-American Music

If traveling later in the year, visiting the National Museum of African-American Music is a must. On the rise to be known for showcasing African-Americans and the role we play in influencing others with inspiring music genres, the National Museum of African-American Music has taken a spin on your typical historic museum. Even though the museum is not yet open to the public, you can expect to look at over 50 African-American genres of music in five different galleries and the impact of African-American musicians. It will tell a story that shows how our culture has influenced many of those around us. Wanting to know when the National Museum of African-American Music will be available for your pleasure? Visit their website for more information.

3. Prince’s Hot Chicken

Black Southern Belle travel, lifestyle, and music blogger, Leigh Love, says Prince’s Hot Chicken is “the original Hot Chicken spot in the country and has the best authentic chicken and amazing sides. Its Black family owned, and you feel like your grandma made it.” If you are looking for this down south feeling in Nashville, TN then why wouldn’t you dine at Prince’s Hot Chicken. Filled with the love of family and the top-notch dishes from the South; Prince’s Hot Chicken will lead you to food heaven.

4. The Lab

Interested in capturing the moments of your trip and writing about it while your there? Well, “theLAB” is an awesome place to go to let those creative thoughts flow while connecting with other Black Southern Belles or social media enthusiasts like yourself. Immerse yourself into a culture filled with entrepreneurs, inspiration, relaxation, and get to blogging about your Nashville, TN experience.

As you wrap up your Nashville journey make sure you continue to keep up with the travel experiences provided by Black Southern Belle and let us know what travel guided is needed for your next vacation by hasgtagging #blacksouthernbelle or commenting below.




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