New Orleans: Travel With Heritage and History

What do you look for when planning a mini vacation with your Black Southern Belles? Do you look to partake in live Jazz music? Or do you enjoy the smell and taste of Southern creole dishes? Are you all interested in attending celebratory festivals and sharing thoughts after an artistic tour?  If yes is the answer to these questions, the ideal destination for your travel is New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA).

New Orleans: Travel With Heritage and History

NOLA is the city that will greet you the warm smell of spicy creole cuisine, the beautiful siting of passionate paintings, and the comfort vibe of the South that we all enjoy on our vacations. Even though New Orleans is filled of great things to do, these suggested travel locations and recommendations for the city will allow for your vacation to go as smooth as a breeze.

New Orleans Suggested Travel to Do’s

Black Heritage and Jazz Tour

Traveling to a new destination is more than just eating out and enjoying the night life, as a Black Southern Belle traveling to New Orleans, I would suggest scheduling a tour with “All Bout Dat Tours.” Owner of “All Bout Dat Tours” and tour curator Mikhala Iversen, makes it her purpose to give a tour that follows Black Heritage and Jazz in NOLA. During this tour, she ensures one learns more about jazz legends such as Louis Armstrong by touring though the Louis Armstrong Park and gives tourist the opportunity to buy and view local art, black art, jewelry, and African fabric. Iversen also dives in deep and points out unique traditions and provide the unfiltered journey and truths of New Orleans. To schedule a tour with “All Bout Dat Tours check out the website

“New Orleans” by mikel_ee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Jazz Fest

Known for their festivals, New Orleans has many to choose from when wanting to attend an excitement festival. One this is suggested for Black Southern Belles to attend is the Jazz and Heritage Festival. What better place to experience jazz than the city where it originated from; New Orleans. The Jazz and Heritage Festival is an annual springtime event filled with over a hundred of musicians that give the public a show up to 10 days. Also, filled with food trucks and diverse festive dishes, the Jazz and Heritage festival gives you a taste of unique cuisine on the go while enjoying the sounds of The O’Jays, Al Green, Chaka Khan, Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blue Band any many more talented musicians. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the jazz fest on April 25- May 5, 2019 is enough proof why one would not want to miss out. Therefore, to get your ticket and plan for the Jazz and Heritage Festival by searching

French Quarter After 5 PM

Once time begin to wind down, a Black Southern Belle day doesn’t come to an end, however it is just getting started. If looking for a wine-down and be in an upbeat nightlife environment, stepping out to the French Quarter is the move for you vacation night. Walking around the French Quarter gives one free will to pick and choose from many Black Owned restaurants including The Parline Connection, Li’l Dizzy’s Cafe, Rays on The Ave and Willie’s Chicken Shack. After finishing a well-prepared dinner from either of these homestyle soul-food, Cajun, creole, restaurants, let your feet follow the beat and enjoy the live music of Bourbon Street. To find out what live music places may interest you in New Orleans, check out

As you complete your travel, provide feedback to the places and events we suggested to attend. Also, let Black Southern Belle know what you think was the best part of your NOLA trip and what others should look forward to by hash tagging #blacksouthernbelle or commenting on this travel guide.




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