Nina Simone: A North Carolina Legend and Hall of Famer

One of my favorite musical artists, is Nina Simone. This Black Southern Belle hailing from North Carolina was a true renaissance woman. A style maven, activist, mom, musician and more, Nina Simone was ahead of her time. If you want to learn more about here also be sure to check out the exhibit on her at the North Caorlina Music Hall of Fame

We have some sneak peeks of the exhibit below as well as some fun facts about this electrifying figure. What are some of your favorite Nina Simone songs? Share them with us on social media using the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

Nina Simone: A North Carolina Legend and Hall of Famer

From North Caorlina Music Hall of Fame

Born in Tryon, North Carolina on Feb 21, 1933(88 miles and an hour and a half west of Charlotte, NC).

From North Caorlina Music Hall of Fame

Nina was the sixth of eight children. She was raised in the church. Both her parents were ministers (Mom was Methodist minister and Dad was a Reverend).

From North Caorlina Music Hall of Fame

With the help of Nina’s music teacher a local fund was set up to assist her with her educational and Nina was able to graduate from Allen High School for Girls in Asheville, North Carolina (Ashville is 50 mins and 45 miles south of Tryon and 2 hours west of Charlotte).

Photo of Asheville School for Girls

Nina’s childhood home is still up in Tryon. It is listed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Nina Simone childhood home

There is a statue of Nina Simone at the Nina Simone Plaza In Tryon, North Carolina.

Photo of Nina Simone Statue

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