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North Florida Maternity Session and Mother’s Story

Today we are featuring a beautiful maternity session of the North Florida based Smiekle Family. This adorable North Florida Maternity session stole our hearts and we are excited to showcase this beautiful coastal session. These expecting parents are glowing in their pictures and have a beautiful story to tell as they venture on their journey to parenthood. Explore this beautiful family and Norht Floriday maternity shoot today.


Names of Family Members :

Christina Smiekle- Mom

Gary Smiekle- Dad

Where is the mom from?

Daytona Beach, Florida

Where is your current location?

Tallahassee, Florida

Baby-boy-3-595x435 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

What are you looking forward to about being a mom?

I look forward to watching him grow, learn, and just laugh.

What do you love about the idea being a mother in the south?

I love the weather and being able to do so many fun outdoor activities whether it be just letting your play in the yard or taking them on hiking and biking trails. North Florida has so many options!

Why did you choose this location to do the family photo shoot?

I am from Daytona Beach and my husband is from New Smyrna Beach. It seemed right to have our maternity photos done at the beach since we both were born in cities with beaches.

Baby-boy-101-595x397 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

What are your favorite lessons do you hope to instill in your child?

The value of education and hard work. I want him to know that he can accomplish anything if he is determined and gives it his full effort.

What southern activities do you remember doing with your mom that you look forward to doing with your child?

My family is originally from a small town called Marianna in Florida. I remember shelling peas, picking watermelons, shucking corn and making jam with my mother and grandmother. These are definitely things I would like my child to experience.

What have you learned about yourself while going through your pregnancy?

Ia��ve learned that I can be somewhat stubborn at times.

Baby-boy-126-595x397 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

What advice would you give a southern mom thinking about starting a family?

Pregnancy definitely is all fun but it definitely is a learning experience for you and your partner and it will teach you a lot about yourself and your partner.

What special things does your husband do to help you through your pregnancy?

Hea��s been great at helping me keep my gestational diabetes under control throughout the pregnancy. I had to make diet changes and he made all those changes right along with me. My doctor has been extremely pleased with my numbers and Ia��ve been able to keep it diet controlled instead of going on medications. Baby and I are doing well and he definitely has played a big role in that.

What was your first reaction to finding out about your pregnancy?

Nervousness/excitement. I was excited yet at the same time this will be our first child so I was nervous about the unknown.

Baby-boy-92-595x893 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

What things does your husband look forward to doing as a new father?

Hea��s definitely looking forward to Pop Warner football games and basketball games. My husband also works in information technology so hea��s pretty excited to teach him computer coding.

What southern values do you hope they inherit as they grow up?

I hope he inherits the traits of a A�southern gentleman and the traits of hard work and determination.

What advice did you get from your mother on parenting?

Your childa��s education begins at home. Shea��s always stressed how important it is to begin teaching your children before they enter school and staying involved with their education throughout their time in school.

Baby-boy-47-595x397 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

Have you read any books A�on parenting? If so, what and how did they help?

I havena��t read any books but Ia��ve read a few articles. One article was about the mistakes women make that actually lengthen their labor (staying in bed during, not being active during pregnancy, etc.). I guess I will find out soon if it was helpful.

Where did you get some of the clothing items?

Ankara Print Maternity Set- SankofaMe on Etsy:

Blue Rain Maternity Gown- SewTrendyAccessories on Etsy:

Mena��s African Print Shirt- DaishikiPride-


Baby-boy-112-595x397 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 North Florida Maternity Session and Mother's Story

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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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