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Pretty Letters: Calligraphy’s Magical Impact on your Stationery

I had to be 9 years old. I ran up to get my report card, being the elementary school overachiever I was, to find I earned a C in handwriting. I was outdone. So, that upcoming weekend, I sat at the dining room table practicing letters until I had the most beautiful handwriting in the world. I don’t tell this story so you can truly see how weird of a kid I was but for you to know how calligraphy became a special part of my life.

Calligraphy means beautiful writing and it makes your letters, cards, envelopes and anything else pop. Like most BSBs, tradition touches your soul, therefore, typing things just isn’t the same as the ink hitting the paper. With a few good pens and these tips you can have pretty letters on your pages in no time.

Reading Works Wonder:
I’m an advocate for reading. That’s how I learn a lot these days, by taking time to read past the headline– an art that may have been lost before calligraphy! Just kidding. But read calligraphy books! Not too many blogs are dedicated to teaching calligraphy but my oh my does your local library have a ton of books on it– I’m certain.

But while you look for that library card, get tips from Calligraphy for Beginners.

Pens Matter, But Not THAT much:

I’m a DIYer for a reason. I don’t like spending a lot of money. So, it never made sense for me to go to the craft store and cash out. Didn’t that defeat the purpose? I’m all about working myself up. Start your calligraphy journey with a nice ballpoint pen. The ink will glide effortlessly and permeate your paper well. Yet, the deeper you go into calligraphy you’ll want to range between thin and thick lines, certain serifs and more with your letters. That’ll take some special pens. Start with this kit, it has everything you’ll need.

Practice Makes Perfect, But You Knew That:

Look at fonts you love. Search for some you really want to imitate by hand. And trace them! Practice moving your pen to create art out of letters. The more you read, practice different fonts and experiment with pens; the better you will get! But you knew that already.

Swoon Over Some Pros:

Well, I love looking at people’s lives I want to steal over the net. You too? Of course you do! We all do. And that’s why I have some great calligraphers you should online stalk. Like, Anne Robin whose calligraphy makes me want to attach a pen to my hand until I get this good! Or Laura Hooper’s southern belle inspired lettering that is too cute for words. If anything else, their work will inspire you to become better and better.

Write beautifully!



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