Punch Bowl Inspiration for a Black Southern Belle


One thing I love about entertaining is I get to use my  favorite thrift finds, case in point, this stunning Federal Punch Bowl.  The bowl sits on a stand or I can choose to not use use the stand and flip it over to use it as a spare serving bowl.  It’s like two bowls in one, but either way it looks good. This lovely set was manufactured in the 1960’s by the Federal Glass Company. The pattern is a very thin vertical ribbed design called the Norse pattern.  It reflects an iridescence gold tone, which adds to the beauty.  The mod sleek look has all the “grooviness” of the  ’60’s. I snagged mine from an estate sale a couple years ago and love using it.  Lately, I’ve been seeing punch bowls at almost every thrift store I shop.  That’s when I wondered – “how come people aren’t using their punch bowls..?”   Hmmmmm…did this once beloved component of our party couture lose it’s status in the entertaining world.. Geeeee I hope not.  They’re simply too beautiful and functional to be disgarded or cast astray.  In my mind, when the punch bowl makes its appearance that means a party is about to start!


The punch bowl made it’s debut as early as 1694 and was considered an indispensible vessel in every house above the humblest class. There were many recollections who connected it as being very frequently given as a present.  In fact, no young married couple ever thought of buying a punch-bowl because it was always presented to them by a near-relative.  They generally come with matching glasses and a ladle, but this particular style has a gold cradle to hang your glasses.  Pretty cool right??


There are so many different styles, shapes, and colors that would add the elegant touch to your party’s repertoire.  I can’t imaging hosting a party and not having punch.  While I was out thrifting, I came across these punch bowl sets:  All ranging from $8.99 to $13.00





Mind you, they’re all pretty nice and for the price – it’s excellent. Even though they’re not on stands you can easily create one by using a cake plate stand or find a bowl to support it and flip it upside down to create the pedestal effect. Each one had its matching cups, hooks and ladles.  I was so smitten with all the bowls, wanting to buy another and was determined not to, but .. then I came across this one… (I went bonkers – punch bowl overload -lol)


Yes, I gave in.. it was $13.00 fully equipped (just without the punch)


My aunt came across this beauty at one of my favorite “go to-because you never know” flea markets and found this fanciful depression glass punch bowl set along with the complete serving bowls and glasses.  It’s exquisitely showcased in her dining room hutch (which the tour is coming soon).


Every time I visit her it makes me want to find a nice table to display mine instead of storing it away (only if I entertained more often), but you never know – right?  When I think of punch bowls, I think of fun gatherings, good times, friends, family and good old fashion home-style elegance.  With all these punch bowls floating out here, I’m considering  to host a Punch Bowl Social snippet on the blog.. how’s that sound?? It would feature different punches to make at your next social gatherings.  If any of you have punch bowls and love using them, by all means let me know so I can feature it on my blog for the Punch Bowl Social.  I hope this post sparked your interest in getting a punch bowl, do some entertaining, and have some good ole fashion fun with friends.  A little slogan to think about:


But I’ll have mine in a punch!  To join the pinning party you can follow my Punch Bowl Social pinterest board and pin a few of your favorites.  As always- Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!  Until next time –






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