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In true Black Southern Belle fashion, no matter where you go, home is where the heart is. This is especially true for bride Raquel Hoover, who although she calls Atlanta her city or residence, she had to go back to her hometown of Charlotte, NC to do her engagement pictures. Raquel and Jeremy are a Charlotte couple at heart and we are excited to share their beautiful boardwalk pictures of them and also their favorite canine 🙂 Learn more about this beautiful couple’s southern love story and start your week off with southern love at its best.

Bride Name: Raquel Hoover

Groom Name: Jeremy Crump

Engagement Location: The Boardwalk, Charlotte, NC

Engagement Date: November 29, 2013

Alma Mater of Bride: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alma Mater of Groom: North Carolina A&T University

Current City where you live: Atlanta, GA

Bride Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Groom Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Raquel & Jeremy E-Sess-FbFriendly-39

How did you meet?

Jeremy and I met in November of 2008. One of my best friend’s mother was marrying Jeremy’s father, i.e, one of my best friends is Jeremy’s step-sister. Jeremy was an usher and I was a hostess. We sat beside one another at the rehearsal dinner and the idea of going to the movies was proposed to the table. Jeremy didn’t really give me a choice in being his date to the movies. I’m glad he didn’t because we had a great time and have been inseparable ever since!

How long have you dated?

On February 4, 2016, Jeremy celebrated our 7th anniversary.

How did he propose?

When Jeremy proposed we were living in Orlando, Florida. I had just graduated law school and past my first bar exam. We traveled to Charlotte, NC to spend Thanksgiving with our families. Before leaving Florida, Jeremy was making a huge fuss about he and I spending Black Friday together. It was really weird. He knows if he wants to treat me to something special, you can TRUST and BELIEVE that my schedule will remain CLEAR, LOL!

On Black Friday, Jeremy picks me up from my parents house. The crazy thing is that as I’m leaving the house, one of my sisters says, “You better come back in this house engaged…” I asked her what she meant and she didn’t elaborate. I didn’t think anything else about it. Once I get in the car, Jeremy tells me that he thought it would be nice if we got something to eat and went to The Boardwalk since that’s where our first official date was. I thought it was really cute and sweet that he remembered that and quickly became excited.

While eating, Jeremy kept checking his phone and asking me if I was ready to go. My excitement about The Boardwalk was beginning to turn into aggravation. We were at one my of favorite seafood restaurants and I thought we were trying to spend time together and he’s not engaged at all! We leave the restaurant and get into the car to head to The Boardwalk. On the way to The Boardwalk, Jeremy tells me that he needs to check in with his mom and tell her his ETA (estimated time of arrival). This was also weird. Jeremy had NEVER checked in with his mom when we were out, so now I was beginning to suspect something is about to happen.

We park the car and get out to walk along The Boardwalk. As we’re walking we see a bench with a bouquet of roses sitting on it. Jeremy says, “Boo, I think those are for you.” I respond, “How do you know? You see all these people out here? Anyone of them could have left those flowers.” Jeremy says, “No boo, they’re yours.”  I said, “I’m not so sure about that.” Jeremy rolls his eyes and says, “Gosh you’re making this so difficult. I bought them for you! They’re your flowers!”

I’m quite embarrassed at this point. We laugh it off and walk over to the bench. I thank Jeremy and ask him what’s the occasion. Before he can answer, one of Jeremy’ cousins jumps from behind a tree with a video camera and screams “ACTION!” Next thing I know, Jeremy is getting down on one knee and starts a monologue. I can’t tell you what he said because I was in a state of shock, asking “what’s happening,” crying, and laughing all at the same time. Jeremy pulls a ring box from his pocket and asks me to marry him. I jump into his arms, still laughing and crying.

I waive to the camera and Jeremy’s cousin reminds me to put the ring on my finger. You tend to miss details when you’re having fun! I place the ring on my finger and now we’re getting married!

When did you know he was the one?

I knew Jeremy was the one in law school. He was and is so supportive and helps me realize that I can succeed at anything I put my mind to. He cares about working on our relationship and working on ourselves. I have unconditional love for him.

Raquel & Jeremy E-Sess-FbFriendly-32

What is the cutest thing he has done for you without asking?

Each year for my birthday, no matter where I am, Jeremy always sends me something to let me know he’s always thinking of me. I know he’ll never forget and get me a present, but he always manages to surprise me.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life?

Food. Jeremy has expanded my food palette tremendously. I am a very picky eater and probably did not try any new food until I was 23 years old. I know it’s sad. Jeremy will eat ANYTHING. He wants me to enjoy new things and the way he introduces me to new food is literally like introducing a baby to solid food. Jeremy has been patient and kind and my tastebuds cannot thank him enough for it!

What part of wedding planning is making you crazy?

The guest list. It’s a love-hate relationship for me. Some days I want to invite every person I have ever met in my entire life to our special day. Other days I want to invite 2 people LOL. It really makes you evaluate your relationships.

Raquel & Jeremy E-Sess-FbFriendly-6

What part of the wedding planning can you not live without?

Wedding planning to me is essentially an extended shopping spree. I love to shop. I enjoy that I can shop for an event that really shows both our personalities. I love shopping for the clothes and the decorations, I’m just not crazy about these deadlines.

What was your first thought the day after your engagement?

“What happens next?” You know the wedding is the next step, but you really don’t know the next step in the actual journey, i.e., the planning.

Raquel & Jeremy E-Sess-FbFriendly-19

What did you love about taking engagement pictures?

I loved the fact that we took the engagement pictures in Charlotte. We were both born and raised there. We also took them at my grandparents’ home and the place where we had our first “official” date. The whole process was filled with nostalgia and love.

Who did you tell first about your engagement?

I called my parents’ at home; my sisters were there too. My mom picked up the phone and when I told her she said, “It’s about time!” Apparently, Jeremy had shown her the ring a couple months before and she had been anxiously awaiting this call.

Are you used to the ring yet?

I am. I feel naked without it!

How many times do you accidentally say girlfriend instead of fiancee in a day?


Engagement Photography by Melendez Photo


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Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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