Real Chefs, Real Kitchens: Go Behind the Scenes of Black Women Chefs In Their Home Kitchens

The assignment was a tough one. Twenty-plus southern belle chefs were asked to share three photographs: a photo of their home kitchen, a photo of their favorite part of their kitchen, and a headshot or really good selfie. There was also the assurance that the expectation was not a kitchen like Ina Garten’s or Martha Stewart’s but rather a hearth of the home, where they cooked for family and friends. 

The wonderful women featured graciously shared without hesitation and with enthusiasm. In viewing their photos, I found things I liked about each of their kitchens, and found myself wishing I was more culinary-inclined or just a guest in their homes, where I imagined hospitality and great food resided. Aspiration does not equal a genuine connection, and I desired that readers connect with women who are working chefs but also working moms and professionals. 

Let’s meet the women and kitchens:

Kansas City-area based Natasha Bailey, owner of Natasha’s Eatables and director of marketing and sales for Green Dirt Farm

Toni Burnett-Rands is the southernmost of the southern chefs. Located in Tasmania (Australia), Toni cooks Creole as a chef, caterer, and food truck owner

Chef Adrian Lipscombe is from Texas but now resides in Wisconsin, where she is the owner of Uptowne Café. Chef Lipscombe shared that her toddler uses the kitchen as a passageway to the deck, a place he loves. 

Panther stadium chef Elena Maria Lundy says the counters are her favorite part of her kitchen. “I love cutting and chopping, and it’s like making music.” 

Chef Shelley manages her time as a private chef and caterer between Louisiana, the DMV, and New York. The owner of The Chubby Biscuit shared that her favorite part of her kitchen is the table (not shown), because it’s where people flock to talk and fellowship.

Retreat chef, wellness coach and yogi, Brooke Brimm, was very clear in her sharing. She said she loved two parts of her kitchen equally: wherever her processor or anything she needs immediately is located and her cookbook case containing a lifetime collection. 

Thank you for sharing, chefs. It would be a pleasure to sit at any of your tables. 




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  1. Brenda Cuffee
    July 18, 2019 / 12:19 am

    Favorite chef kitchen spots are table as a
    “ gathering place “ for US Southern families over a century now and chef Brimms cookbook collection corner

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