Reconstruction Documentary Reveals Rich History of the Black American South

Last week I attended a screening of the document, Reconstruction: American After the Civil War. It was special for both me and my husband who worked on Capitol Hill and even more special because we were able to take our son to the event that was screened at the location of the old Mather School and current Lowcountry Technical College in Beaufort, SC.

South Carolina ETV and the ETV Endowment of South Carolina organized a sneak preview of Henry Louis Gates, Jr’s new mini-series, Reconstruction: America After the Civil War. Immediately following the screening there was a panel discussion moderated by ETV’s Beryl Dakers. Panelists: Damon Fordham, Dr. Millicent Brown and Dr. Walter Edgars.

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About Reconstruction: America after the Civil War

In April 2019, Henry Louis Gates Jr., host of Finding Your Roots, will present a vital new four-hour documentary series on Reconstruction: America After the Civil War. The series explores the transformative years following the American Civil War, when the nation struggled to rebuild itself in the face of profound loss, massive destruction and revolutionary social change. The 12 years that composed the post-war Reconstruction era (1865-77) witnessed a seismic shift in the meaning and makeup of our democracy, with millions of former slaves and free black people seeking out their rightful places as equal citizens under the law. The series’ second half looks beyond that hopeful decade, when the arc of history bent backwards. While tracing the unraveling of Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow segregation in the closing years of the 19th century, Reconstruction looks at the myriad ways in which black people continued to acquire land, build institutions and strengthen communities amidst increasing racial violence and repression. The series concludes with a focus on both the flowering of African-American art, music, literature, and culture as tools of resistance in the struggle against Jim Crow racism and the surge of political activism that marked the launch of such iconic civil rights organizations as the National Association of Colored Women, the Niagara Movement and the NAACP, all at a time when black political power had been blunted and the dream of an interracial democracy seemed impossibly out of reach.

Watch Reconstruction: America after the Civil War on SCETV on April 9 & 16 at 9:00 PM. #ReconstructionPBS

Corporate support for Reconstruction: America after the Civil War was provided by Johnson & Johnson. Major funding was also provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; the Ford Foundation; The Gilder Foundation; Lloyd Carney Foundation; Dr. Georgette Bennett and Dr. Leonard Polonsky CBE; and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS.

About ETV Endowment Of South Carolina

The ETV Endowment of South Carolina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1977 that provides funding for programming broadcast on South Carolina ETV, South Carolina Public Radio and other public media stations. 

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