REST: How Important Is It?

“Work Hard”. “Go, Go ,Go”. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.” Sometimes I think we are working against ourselves. Why do we equate how successful we will be with how much rest we don’t get? Contrary to popular belief, not resting, not sleeping, is counter productive. You need rest in order to perform physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of us have packed our schedules with so many things that we just can’t find the time to make it happen. So, let’s imagine, what will happen if we do rest?

Physically: Reduces sickness, Allows you to live longer, Improves performance, Live at a healthier weight
Mentally: Improve memory, Spurs creativity, Sharpen attention, Avoid accidents
Emotionally: Lower stress Level, Reduces risk of depression, Allows for emotional development

Don’t become too busy doing – that you don’t have time to live. Enjoy your life. LivLive!






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