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Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort

Looking for a summer travel destination to explore? You should definitely add Jekyll Island to your list. This bucolic southern coastal city is a perfect escape from reality. If you want to experience the best of what Jekyll Island has to offer, you must stay at the Jekyll Island Club Resort. Check out images of this beautiful southern travel destination below.

JOC-Hero-v2-7-1440x961 Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort
Who wouldn’t want to wake up to these gorgeous views!?

Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort

There’s no place for a summer getaway like an island retreat, and no destination primed to welcome seasonal travelers like Jekyll Island Club Resort. The recently revitalized historic resort,set amid the Golden Isles off the Atlantic coast of Georgia, is setting out quite a welcome mat for vacationers and the wedding market following its $25 million revitalization. There are enhanced guest accommodations and event spaces, a new all-suite beachfront hotel, a new over-water restaurant, and engaging activities. Guests may enjoy splashing in a redesigned resort swimming pool to onsite bicycle rentals from Jekyll Wheels to more than 5,000 acres of natural beauty brimming with tidal marshland, vibrant biodiversity, and historical significance. The entirely revitalized Jekyll Island Club Resort offers a fresh take on summer for a new generation of travelers to embrace and enjoy.

JIC-Pool-House-v2-3-1440x961 Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort
Drinks by the pool are always a great way to relax.

“We have more than 130 years of history and miles of wilderness to explore here on Jekyll Island, and so many new ways for families and friends to relax and reconnect with each other as they soak it all in,” said Bruce Westerlin, Managing Director of Jekyll Island Club Resort. “With our revitalization, we have elevated the property entirely and are proud to welcome back our decades-long guests and man new guests that used to vacation on the neighboring islands. They come to enjoy our new offerings and experiences – designed to allow them to immerse themselves in our storied history, jump feet first into recreation and adventure, and create memories that they’ll cherish for years.”

JIC-Aerial-1-4-1440x1080 Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort
Talk about a view. Nothing like seeing the coastline and greenery of the Georgia Coast.

A bit of history to set the scene: The Jekyll Island Club was formed in 1886 and was unlike any club of its day. Its Members included names like Rockefeller, Morgan, and Pulitzer. The retreat was the Members southern hideaway built for entertaining families and friends with an array of riverfront and beachside experiences. Imagine days filled with beachside motor-buggy races, oceanfront golfing, grass tennis, and opulent dinners in the Grand Dining Room. The Club ceased operations during WWII, and the State of Georgia purchased the island and Club in 1947. Under the State’s stewardship, the island’s unspoiled nature remains (development is limited to one-third of the island), and through thoughtful partnerships, including with Northview Hotels and Resorts in 2016, Jekyll Island Club Resort continues its legacy as an authentic Low Country escape.

Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Southern Travel Destination: Jekyll Island Club Resort

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