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Summer Hair Trends for Dealing with Humidity

Summer Hair Trends for Dealing with Humidity 5

As a woman of color one of our most prized possessions is the crown we wear on our heads, our hair. It is a major deal in our society, from styling to products to coloring to weaves. As of late a reoccurring trend has resurfaced and is making its largest stamp on our community ever, “Going Natural”. A lot of women constantly deal with the struggles of their hair on a daily basis, but women of color in particular have to deal with so many different textures that for years our only options were relaxing our hair or adding extensions to make it more manageable. With these options it can be a simple solution for some, but can cause a lot of damage for others. This has caused a lot of women to take the “natural” route.

The “Going Natural” movement has flourished and is allowing our hair to revert back to its natural state. Some just want a new start and a new look and some just want to have a healthier grade of hair chemical free. But whether you are a natural or relaxed sister, is never on anyone’s side especially if you are from the south. Humidity is the amount of water vapor that is in the air and depending on whether it is high or low it affects hair differently. Being a southern belle myself and living in the south the majority of my life, we experience a lot of high humidity ranges which usually causes a lot of problems when it comes to having the perfect hair day. Here are a few tips for my natural and relaxed sisters that will allow your hair to remain fabulous and healthy in humid weather.

For my Natural sisters:
Use a shampoo and conditioner with hydration agents to keep your hair moisturized throughout.
Use leave-in conditioners and oils to maintain your natural curl and won’t allow anymore outside moisture from the humid weather to affect your styling.
Styling gels and sprays can help prevent frizz and also add hold to a hairstyle to withstand humid weather

For my relaxed sisters:

Humidity can affect women of color with by flattening it and also causing frizz.
To avoid flat hair it is best to use moisturizing products, but not too much to weigh the hair down.
Do not add any extra chemicals to the hair, it can cause hair to thin and dry out due to it already being chemically processed from the relaxer.

Volumizing products can allow flat hair to hold curls and maintain whatever style you would like.
Styling gels and sprays can help prevent frizz and also add hold to a hairstyle to withstand humid weather.

trends for relaxed and natural sisters:
Natural styles such as braids, twists, loc extensions, sew-ins, etc. are also great solutions to protect your hair and allow you to style freely no matter the weather.

My picks for this summer’s top trends will be individual braid extensions or more popularly known as “Poetic Justice braids”, faux loc extensions, crochet extensions and full sew-ins with closures. All of these styles are perfect for protecting your and withstanding the elements, allowing you to have the ideal summer without any bad hair days! Of course each style in itself is a tedious process, but the end product is very rewarding. I have personally worn all of these styles and I will definitely be a repeat customer to complete my summer looks and protect my hair from the south’s extreme heat.

I have always expressed myself through my many hairstyles and through my personal hair journey. I also love to help my clientele and others in any way I can, whether it is offering tips, helping them try something new or just enhancing their natural beauty with the talents I have been blessed with. I hope to continue to inspire others in any way I can. From one southern belle to another, always remember to be you and continue to let your Rock!








Gabrielle Todd


  1. Jordan Tapley
    April 5, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    Great and much needed tips!

    • michielbp
      April 6, 2015 / 2:15 am

      Totally agree. Glad you like them and make sure share them with your friends!

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