3 “ A Different World” Inspired Mocktails Powered by Shipt

I love a good biscuit and sweet tea but after a crazy holiday season and lots of traveling it is time for me to detox. The last thing I want to do after traveling is run around getting groceries, thankfully with the help of Shipt, I am able to get my groceries delivered to me at my home or wherever I am on the go. Shipt is a grocery delivery service that recently launched in Charleston and for my latest gathering, I was able to use their services to get shop for my groceries, all while I got my hair and make up done.  

All I did was place my order online which you can also do through an app on your phone. I chose a time to get my order delivered that matched up with my hair appointment and saved myself an hour and lots of grocery store agony. Did I mention, my shopper was superb, he text me to let me know every step of the process. Thanks for everything Josh and to Shipt for letting me get cute while shopping before I made my mocktails! If you are short on time and trying to stay chic and healthy, Shipt is here to help. It is definitely a part of my BSB toolkit for sure. 

Here is  clip to a video with a fun walk through of the process. 

With the help of Shipt, I put together a few detox mocktails for a busy southern woman who may have had a little too much fun after Mardi Gras and is a perfect bubbly substitute for alcohol just in case you gave it up for lent.

I was inspired after a weekend long bing of “A Different World” to create three simple mocktails that would be perfect for a southern hostess living a healthy lifestyle (including myself because the holidays were too good to me) You can pick the drink based on your favorite character or indulge in all 3 if you just can’t choose. The most fun is to make all three and see which ones your friends pick to see if it matches their personality. Have fun hosting ladies!

The Whitley Gilbert: If you like your drinks with a little fancy, this is the perfect drink for you:

This drink includes:

1/2 Parts Perrier Sparkling Water

1/2 Parts Synergy Guava Goddess Kombucha

1 Ounce Whole Foods Frozen Cherries

1 Blood Orange Slice

Champagne Glass (Because This a Must!)



The Freddie: If you are a bohemian or free spirited southern woman or you just like mangos, then this drink is for you. 

1/2 Parts Perrier Sparkling Water

1/2 Parts Synergy Mystic Kombucha

1 Ounce Whole Foods Frozen Mangos

1 Tangerine Slice

Tall Beer Glass

The Kim: Are you a balance of classy with a little down home personality, then this is the perfect drink for you. A little bit of relaxed sophistication is just your style. 

1/2 Parts Perrier Sparkling Water

1/2 Parts Cosmic Cranberry Synergy  Kombucha

1 Ounce Whole Foods Frozen Strawberries

Martini Glass



Frozen Fruit





Champagne Glasses

Wine Glasses

Drink Tray

Front Porch

Images by Nicole Caudle Photography