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Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

There is something about an HBCU couple, Talia and Brian are a perfect example of this! This Norfolk love story is a shining example of some good southern love. From the hometown church wedding to the classic bridal party dresses, this wedding screams southern. Get through your midweek struggle with this adorable romance!


Bride Name:
Talia Fletcher
Groom Name: Brian Gay
Wedding Location: Richmond, VA
Ceremony: Fifth Baptist Church
Reception: The Science Museum of Virginia
Wedding Date: June 28, 2014
Alma Mater of Bride: Norfolk State University, Virginia Commonwealth University
Alma Mater of Groom: Norfolk State University
Current City where you live: Manassas, VA
Hometown: Bride- Prince George, VA, Groom- Sussex, VA

Brian-and-Talia-84BT-forever-1-960x640 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

How did you meet?
We met while both attending Norfolk State University. Our paths crossed one day while in the ‘Big Café’ during the spring semester and we eventually exchanged numbers after seeing each other around campus a few more times. Brian spent the summer at his uncle’s house, which turned out to be a few minutes away from my parents’ house, so we ended up hanging out all summer. That fall we made things official.

How long did you date?
We dated for 8 years before he proposed. When we met I was 19 and he was 20, so it was a long courtship but we lasted through graduations, relocations, grad school, and new jobs.

How did he propose?
We went ice skating at the outdoor rink in downtown Richmond. As they were getting ready to close, he asked me to skate around so he could get some pictures. While making my lap, I noticed him talking to a woman. When I made my way back around, he told me that she was going to take a picture of us, and as we started to skate away he pretended to fall. I was shaking my head at him as he rolled around on the ice and then he popped up on one knee and I started crying and laughing at the same time. He had told the woman that he was going to propose and she took some really good pictures! It’s funny to see my face as I realized what was happening. What I liked the most about the whole thing was finding out that he had talked to my parents beforehand and asked for my hand in marriage. I thought that was very sweet and loved that he went the traditional route.

When did you know he was the one?

Over time I just fell deeper in love with him and realized he was the person with whom I wanted to spend my life and build a family.

What is the cutest thing he has done for you without you asking?

There are many little things that Brian does without asking, so I can’t choose just one. He’s a true gentleman – he always opens doors for me, if we’re eating out he waits until I have my food to start eating, if we’re at home he’ll clear the dishes if I cooked, kisses me when he gets home and asks about my day. It’s just the little things that I really appreciate, not always the elaborate surprises.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life?

We are total opposites. I am outspoken, outgoing, and a serious Type A personality. He is more reserved, quiet, and laid back. He doesn’t get riled up easily and I’ve tried to let some of that rub off on me. He encourages me to take a step back, assess, say my piece, and then move on versus obsessing about a situation like I am more prone to do.

What part of wedding planning is making you crazy?
I had a few things that made me pull my hair out but finalizing the guest list and getting back RSVPs was such an ordeal. I was so over it!

What part of wedding planning can you not live without?

Having a wedding planner ☺ I would have been lost without her.

20140628-_DSC3273BT-forever-960x784 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

What was your first thought the day after your engagement?
“Ahhh! I’m engaged!” I couldn’t wait to share the news. We called our families the night he proposed but I made a few calls to my close girlfriends the next day.

What was your favorite part about the ceremony?
There were two things that really stood out to me: my grandfather being a part of the ceremony and Brian’s vows. I’m really close to my grandfather and it meant a lot to me that he was able to be a part of our wedding. He read a scripture and was very excited to be involved. And one of my favorite shows/movies is the Sex and the City series, and I’ve always loved at the end of the first movie when Mr. Big whispers to Carrie “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.” We wrote our own vows and Brian ended his with that line. I laughed (and cried) because he remembered.

What was your favorite part about the wedding?
At our reception, we were able to fit everything in with time to still dance and party at the end. We were running a little behind schedule and I was scared we would have to cut something.

Did you do any DIY? If so, what?
I made our programs, table numbers, seating chart, menu cards, and wreaths that hung from the church doors.

20140628-_DSC3416BT-forever-960x639 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

What were your wedding colors?

Coral and Purple

What was your wedding theme?

We didn’t have a true theme. Many aspects were traditional and we had some Southern accents with the food and gifts for our bridal party.

What is your favorite part about being married to each other?

Being married to each other! Sharing each other triumphs and helping each other be better.

20140628-_DSC3633BT-forever-2-960x639 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

What did you learn about each other through the wedding planning process?

I learned how much patience and resilience Brian has. Right before we got engaged, we were preparing to move to Northern Virginia for my new job. With moving and Brian finding and starting a new job as well, it was just a lot going on in our lives on top of planning our wedding and all of the stress that comes along with that on its own. There were times when I just was not myself and Brian took everything in stride. He says throughout the planning he realized how detailed-oriented I am and how much seeing my vision come to fruition means to me. Because I work so hard to plan things efficiently, I can get frustrated easily but he now understands why. With everything that frustrated me, he tried to put it into perspective and make me feel better. Aside from normal groom stuff, he was the least of my worries and I really appreciated that

Wedding Planner: Demetrice Holloway, I DO Dreams, LLC
Invites: Magnet Street
Catering: Fabulooks by Nanette
DJ/Entertainment: Darrius Robinson- DJ DMoney, Tavis Simmons – Pianist
Dress: Blu by Mori Lee
Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaid Gowns: Alfred Angelo
Photographer: Marvell Gay, Marvellous Images
Videographer: Frank Aikens, Tilted Lens
Transportation: Anytime Limousine
Cake: Brenda Booker, Angela’s Sweets n’ Treats
Make-up: Charlene Easter, Epiphany Beauty
Lights: Leap Audio/Visual
Rentals: Party Perfect Event and Party Rental


Brian-and-Talia-101BT-forever1-960x640 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

Brian-and-Talia-84BT-forever-1-960x640 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3633BT-forever-2-960x639 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3416BT-forever-960x639 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3349BT-forever-960x510 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC2856BT-forever-960x584 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3332BT-forever-2-960x639 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3273BT-forever-960x784 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3266BT-forever-2-960x894 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

20140628-_DSC3013BT-forever-960x787 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

b17e4ebd8b67881095f6e71e2fcca19f?s=100&d=mm&r=g Talia and Brian, Norfolk State Nuptials

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