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Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Brunch

Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Brunch

Looking to host an outdoor brunch this summer and need some inspiration? This story is for you. With tips from Monique Seraphin, creative director and event planner with MoChar Events & Designs, a South Florida based event planning firm, we are giving you the inspiration you need to start planning. Today we are sharing a beautiful coastal inspired brunch and Monique has given us her top tips for hosting  an outdoor brunch. Check them out below: 

 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Brunch

  1. Consider the time.

As with any outdoor event, timing is everything.  Consider the time of year and make provisions based on the possibilities of rain, chilly or warm weather.

In the case of rain, be sure to have an indoor backup plan.

If it is a bit cool, provide shawls on the back of each chair for your guests to wrap up. Have hot water readily available for tea and/ or coffee.

If the weather is going to be a bit warm by that time of day, consider having outdoor fans or setting your table(s) in a shaded area such as under a tree, covered porch or veranda. If you have a canopy, that works as well.

  • Uninvited guests.

Animals rule the wild as they should, but they shall NOT rule your event.  Mosquitos and ants can make any outdoor party very uncomfortable.

When planning your table decor, include citronella candles, or make your own citronella mosquito repellant using ingredients that you can find in your home or at the local grocery store (I can provide a link for instructions if you like).   You can also purchase products that you can use to fumigate your yard and under the table just hours before your guests arrive to rid it of mosquitos (I can provide a link for my favorite product).

Check for ant piles in the grass if your guests will be seated outside.  Rid your yard of them days or hours before your event. A simple google search can tell you the best way to do so.

*If you just experienced heavy rain, the ants will be running rampant in the yard. Move your brunch from on the grass to solid ground.

  • Let’s Eat

There are many options when choosing your menu. Be mindful that this will be held outside. Unless you have warmers, choose foods that do not require to be piping hot, make ahead foods also save you time so that you can spend more time hosting. You can always hire a service team to prepare and/or serve. This is also a good time to introduce fun and modern versions of traditional brunch menu items.

Family style is my preference when it is time to serve the food. Everyone does not have to get up to go back and forth to the buffet table.

Always have a self-serve drink station for your guests to enjoy while waiting for everyone to arrive and eat.

Provide pitchers of cool refreshing drinks at end of the table when it is time to sit down and eat.

Design element:  Use serving platters that work with your color scheme or theme if you have one.

  • Have a seat, several seats

Have comfortable chairs for sitting for some time if you choose not to move the party from the table to a sitting area after eating.

* Since it will be outside avoid using metal chairs that can heat up and burn your guests.

Be sure to note that just because your table can hold 8 people does not mean you should seat 8 people at the table. Since it is outside, you want to give people room to feel the cool breeze blowing.  So, no matter if your table can seat 4-6, 6-8 or 8-10 always go for the lesser number or the number in between.

Design Element: Your style of seating here can be up to you. This is when you can add your personal style and stray away from less traditional.  You may use mixed matched seats or all the same.

  • Always include personal meaningful touches to your table design.

If you are hosting a family style brunch, your table elements need not be crowded as you will need to make room for the food.  

If you choose to use flowers, use those that are not as fragrant as it will over take your senses and alter the taste of the food. This is a tip for any event.

Choose citronella candles instead of floral scented candles to help ward off mosquitos.

Design element: Your table setting can also be where your creativity may shine bright.

It is outside. Your colors can be as bright, bold, soft or subtle as you choose. Add personal meaningful touches to your table setting.

Most important, let your guests know that brunch will be held outdoors so that they dress properly. More so, where the appropriate shoes.  Friends don’t let friends were stilettos in the grass.


Planner/designer: Mochar Events
Photographer: Lauren Bates Photography
Decor Rental: Amazingly Creative Events
Tableware rental: Southern Chairs
Caligraphy: FioriBelle
Florist: Precious Memories Florist
Invitation suite: Valentina Daniels for #invitesbypink 
MUA: Adaisha Shay Douglas
Caterer: UnCompromising Taste


Looking to recreate this look, here is a quote from the designer to get you started with inspiration and tips:

  • This particular Sunday Brunch was a special one as it was for Mother’s Day.  Each aspect of the design was thoughtful and meaningful. For starters the color we choose as the main focus was purple. For starters Purple in Feng Shui is represents abundance and prosperity.  It also reminds us of our most favorite movie “The Color Purple”.
  • The antique table that we used was too beautiful to not show. So, we left it bare and accented it with a floor-length lace runner.  Adorned on the table was country chic embellished milk white plates. The floral centerpieces is what we used to bring in that extra touch of color.  Again, purple was the star of the show with accents of lavender, different shades of green and fuchsia. Rather than use the normal white napkins, we decided to pull from our centerpiece and mix and match purple and green napkins and do the same for the vintage glassware.  To add just a touch of elegance we placed a single five arm matte finished gold candelabra.
  • What made this table extra special for us were the personalized touches that expressed how we felt about the women that would be sitting at the table.  “Hello Beautiful”, “I’m Possible”, “Don’t strive, thrive”… were just some things that were on the table at each place setting.

Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes :)

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