Tips from Haiku Home on Surviving a Southern Summer-Cocktail Included!


We all love a great front porch and ceiling fan when we are raised in the South but we don’t love humidity or the sweltering heat. Here are Tips from Haiku Home on Surviving a Southern Summer with a Cocktail Included. These are tips that every Black Southern Belle should live by!

Summer in the South

Hot, steamy, languid, dreamy,

A wonderful time

Southern summers often inspire the folks at Haiku Home to poetry. Thata��s because their products love to tame the heat-and-humidity beast. To help others enjoy the season, theya��ve compiled a list of five tips on how to Survive and Savor a Southern Summer.

  1. Cool ceiling fans. Therea��s nothing like a summer breeze, but ita��s hard to feel one when youa��ve got the a/c cranked up to the max. Fans have cooled Southerners for ages. Until recently, theya��ve either been noisy or, in paper form, required a lot of wrist action. A�Ceiling fans that are whisper quiet and classy looking, like those by Haiku Home provide a gentle breeze that cools efficiently and effortlessly. And because theya��re so smart, you dona��t have to lift a finger to get exactly the air movement you want.


1)Cool window shades. These days, window shades come in virtually every material under the Sun and provide excellent protection from UV rays, heat and glare. You can get smart shades that link to your mobile device and program them to your liking, or operate them manually with a remote or voice control, through devices such as Nest. It doesna��t get much easier than that. No matter what your price point and style is, a good place to start shopping is at The Shade Store.


2)Cool lights. Old-fashioned lightbulbs add to the summera��s heat. Who needs that? There are much cooler, more efficient lights on the market these days. LEDs are now affordable and come in various color temperatures so you can have the mood you want and the strength you need. Even better, you dona��t have to exert yourself to go buy replacement bulbs, because they last for years. Check out the cool LEDs from Haiku Home here.

3)Cool thermostat. Ita��s time to get smart about temperature control. Your parentsa�� thermostat needed constant adjustment, which meant getting up and going to where it was attached to a wall. These days, there are better options. Products like Nest and ecobee work with sensors and can be programmed to your precise comfort specifications so you dona��t have to move a muscle. They can even work in tandem with ceiling fans and lights.

4)Refreshing cocktails. Few things are as wonderful as cocktails on a summer evening — or mocktails, if you prefer. Theya��re as much a part of Southern summers as sweet tea with lunch. In honor of Haikua��s hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, herea��s a recipe for a Bourbon Breeze. There are lots of variations on the recipe. This one comes from Keeneland, the famous racetrack in Lexington, and uses Makera��s Mark bourbon.

Feeling thirsty? A�Craft up the below cocktail and snap a picture.



The Keeneland Breeze:


Makera��s Mark bourbon

Orange liqueur

Ginger ale

Fresh orange juice


Fill a highball glass about 2/3s of the way with ice, and pour in one part of Makera��s. Then add a splash of orange liqueur, a dash of fresh orange juice, and top off with ginger ale. Use an orange slice to garnish.


Find yourself a Southern breeze and enjoy.


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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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