Tips on Pairing Candle Scents with Dinner Party Menus from Alikay Naturals

Hosting a party and love candles & food? We completely understand the feeling. Today we are giving you tips on how to pair those two loves for an ultimate dinner party experience. If you are hosting a party in the near future, here are some Tips on Pairing Candle Scents with Dinner Party Menus from Rochelle Graham-Campbell, CEO of Alikay Naturals.

According to Rochelle, here is her philosophy on dinner parties:

“Having a busy schedule, I appreciate how dinner parties offer a fun way to catch up with friends at one time and celebrate important milestones.A� Scented candles enhance the smells of our cuisine and provide beautiful illumination as dinner party centerpieces.A� When pairing candle scents with a food/wine menu, look for fragrances that inspire creativity in the kitchen and compliment the ingredients being used in the dishes being served.A� Ia��ve included a few suggestions below, using our handmade Alikay Naturals Soy Candles that incorporate fragrances inspired by Jamaica”

Be sure to follow her lead and combine these favorite thing with herA�Tips on Pairing Candle Scents with Dinner Party Menus.


Nice and calming, the Lemongrass Candle puts off hints of citrus and herbs.A� Filling your space with a refreshing, clean scent; we have this candle lit throughout the summer season.A� The crisp aroma complements your favorite summer salad with a citrus lime vinaigrette dressing.A� The bolder flavors found in light bodied rose wines, like Mouton Noira��s Love Drunk or Sociologie Winea��s Blush Rose, offers the perfect balance to this scent.




Who doesna��t like eating homemade ice cream as a way to beat the summer heat?A� A tropical inspired candle, like our Coco Mango candle, adds a nice fruity aroma to the air that complements fun summer flavors like mango, passionfruit or guava.A�A� A sparkling wine, like Suite Four, has just enough pop to complement this favorite summer treat.



With ingredients like coconut milk and fresh thyme, a Jamaican Sweet Potato Stew is perfectly sweet and savory all in one.A� The soothing scent burning off of our Honey & Sage candle looming in the air offers the perfect complement to this hearty soup.A� The aroma of this slightly sweet smelling candle also pairs well with an Ethiopian honey wine.


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