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Too Cute for Smokes

I know you’re probably wondering what’s up with that title…right? Well, this is why I gave it such a title.  Lately I’ve really been eyeing vintage ashtrays.  I’m not a smoker, never have been, but looking at these cutey pies would make me feel classy if I did. Vintage ashtrays are truly works of pottery art and were/are used as home decor items.  When manufacturers began making them they were originally made for a purpose but seeing them, I just can’t imagine dumping ashes inside these beauties.

ashes15 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes Too Cute for Smokes

The colors are just so vibrant and strong.  Each of these are crafted to perfection, and all are American made pottery.  I see the Autumn colors like Orange, Brown, Green were very strongly used, although many come in a different array of colors.


ashes2 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes3 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes4 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes7 Too Cute for Smokes


Then the designed was stepped up a notch by creating the hanging ashtray.. This one is gorgeous!

ashes8 Too Cute for Smokes


Look at the marbling that was created for this snail-shape ashtray

ashes9 Too Cute for Smokes


These are so darling because they have their own cigarette compartment

ashes11 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes1 Too Cute for Smokes


These leaf patterns are absolutely stunning..

ashes10 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes12 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes16 Too Cute for Smokes


Then you have the standing ashtrays..  Those are in itself chic furniture pieces

ashes13 Too Cute for Smokes


ashes14 Too Cute for Smokes


Ok, so do you feel me on this.. These are just too gosh darn cute to use for ashes. I could clearly see using these as decorative pieces, perhaps candy dishes, jewelry trays or key catchers.  You can also use them on a bar cart to catch bottle caps and corks.  One thing for sure is they’re definitely not good for ashes. To read more about vintage ashtrays and designers visit The Big Ashtray Museum  and also follow my “For Smokes” Pinterest board to see more of my favorites.  I hope you enjoyed my picks and perhaps you’ll be adding these swanky pieces to your home decor.      For now.. Tah-tah.  Smooches!

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Too Cute for Smokes

b41d686f94575592d9b9e0c3b2d27667?s=100&d=mm&r=g Too Cute for Smokes

Jamala Wallace

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