Using Your HBCU Colors in Home Decor

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) alumni have the most pride when it comes to representing their schools. After graduating from college how do you continue to show your school pride? It is no longer a dorm room and you want a sophisticated look. After the bumper stickers, wall decals, and T-shirts are put away, your home could be lacking in HBCU pride. With these ten examples, you can learn how to incorporate your HBCU colors seamlessly into your home decor. Don’t stop at the bedroom, show your HBCU pride in the kitchen, living room, and even bathrooms as well. You don’t have to brand your items with your HBCU alumni, use these simple ways to get the colors you love into your life.


1) Dillard University- Blue and White  This style is a simple white theme with a pop of  blue. This simple style perfectly represents an easy way to add school pride to a beautiful design. This would be perfect for the Southern Belles at Tennessee State University and Dillard University. And with a pop of Columbia blue, even Spelman College.

2)Prairie View A&M University- Purple and Gold Some HBCU colors are easily recognizable. The famous purple and gold represents the Prairie View A&M Panthers and the Alcorn State Braves. This living area has a solid purple accent wall wand purple pillow with lots of gold in the couch, lamp, and frames.

3)Fisk University- Blue and Gold Why not dine with your fellow alumni in a beautiful dining room that brings back memories? This dining room is decorated in blue and gold for Fisk University. The gold legs of the table and blue chairs are the only color in the room. This is a great idea for the Southern Belles looking to (re)decorate their dining space.

4)Florida A&M University- Green and Orange This gorgeous kitchen has green cabinets and orange paint n the walls. Who does this instantly remind you of? Florida A&M University of course! This is a bold color scheme that’s sure to show appreciation to your alma mater.

5)Claflin University- Maroon and Orange Some school colors may be an unusual pairing seen in home decor. The Southern Belles from Claflin University will love these traditional maroon and orange colors paired with purple to keep a balance. It is fun and unique.

6)Tuskegee Univeristy- Crimson and Gold The living area is usually the center of activities in the home. It is important that you bring your personality into your living space decor. This living room has a crimson and gold color scheme in almost every aspect of the design while still having the preferred art work and beautiful custom chandelier. This is a style Tuskegee’s Golden Tigers would be proud to have in their home.


7)Lincoln University- Blue and Orange After years of studying, you may need a place of tranquility. This sitting room style has blue painted built-ins and orange accent furniture. The Southern Belles from Lincoln University would love this style for their school pride.

8) Howard U- Red, Blue, and White The bedroom is a place where your favorite colors are most likely to be. This pretty design uses a red and white striped bedspread and plant pot and the solid blue color wall and base of the bed. While this style is Patriotic, Southern Belles at Howard University would love to use this style in their bedrooms.


9)Clark Atlanta University- Red and Grey In the living room style above, Clark Atlanta University‘s red and grey are on full display. The white details help the colors tie in easily with plenty of red and pieces of grey in the room. Would this design make you proud to be a Panther?

10) Texas Southern University- Maroon and Grey This bedroom is elegantly designed in grey tones with maroon color throw pillows.  The room has a feel of undeniable comfortably and Texas Southern University Tigers would love the maroon and grey.






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