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Virginia State Romance

Upon meeting ten years ago in communications class at Virginia State University, Kheli Morgan and Hannibal Harris could have never imagined that they would be on their way to living their fairytale. This HBCU couple built a strong foundation of friendship, which led them to this beautiful engagement. Read their love story below.

IMG_1594-960x640 Virginia State Romance

Bride Name: Kheli Patrice Morgan

Groom Name: Hannibal Lee-Caskie Harris

Engagement Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Engagement Date: January 20, 2013

Alma Mater of Bride and Groom: Virginia State University

Current City: Richmond, VA

Bride Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Groom Hometown: Richmond, VA 

How did you meet?

We met in 2005 at Virginia State University in a Public Speaking class, taught by Dr. Olsen (we would love to locate him and invite him to our wedding if we can find him). Hannibal had a southern accent, and it made me constantly laugh whenever he would speak during class and pronounce certain words. His name alone was also a conversation starter. As we worked together in class groups, and sat near each other on a daily basis, we quickly became fond of each other. I knew Hannibal was crushing on me by the way he spoke shyly around me, and waited patiently for me after class just to walk with me and make small talk. I admit that his presence made me nervous as well because he was so cute.

IMG_1567-Copy-960x640 Virginia State Romance

How long have you dated?

We dated on and off through college, then steadily in 2010.

How did he propose?

He proposed on my surprise birthday trip to Nassau, Bahamas. It was our first night at the hotel. We dressed up and had dinner at the hotel’s Italian restaurant. Once we ate, we came back to our room for cocktails, and started talking about the future. My exact words were, “I wish moments like these could last forever.” That is when he got down on one knee and said, “They could last forever, if you would be my wife. Kheli, will you marry me?” I screamed and thought I was dreaming for a split second. All I could do is scream, “Are you serious!!?” several times before I finally said, “YES!”

When did you know he was the one?

I knew he was the one when he was all I could think about and talk about. I knew that he was becoming my best friend.  I looked forward to talking and joking with him about any and everything more than any other person I talked to.

IMG_6373-960x640 Virginia State Romance

What is the cutest thing he has done for you without you asking?

The cutest thing he has done for me without asking is what he does regularly, which is surprising me with gifts and trips. I always jokingly say that I have to watch what I say or mention around him because he will listen and make my every wish come true.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life?

What I love about him that has completely changed my life is that he does not stress about anything. With that said, I have never seen him in a bad or unpleasant mood. Every day that I see him, he is in a great mood and excited to see me. His happiness and gratitude for the small blessings in life have rubbed off on me. He balances out my worry wart personality with his worry- free demeanor. This has changed me and my outlook on life for the better, because I now take his advice about just living life for the moment, instead of trying to over-think and over-plan every detail!

What part of wedding planning is making you crazy?

The part of wedding planning that is making me crazy is managing the guest list. Hands down, him and I both just know, love, and want to invite too many people.

What part of wedding planning can you not live without?

The part of wedding planning that I cannot live without is searching through Pinterest for photography ideas. As a girl who loves taking pictures, on this day, especially, I have to have the most official poses in my wedding dress and with my wedding party (which Pinterest makes easy to find and get the ideas flowing).

What was your first thought the day after your engagement?

The day after my engagement, my first thought was, “Oh my GOD, after wondering all of my life who the one would be, I can’t believe that I am looking at my husband.”

What did you love about taking engagement pictures?

I loved everything about taking engagement pictures. More than anything, I loved being on the set of the photoshoot and feeling like a celebrity.

IMG_1497-Copy-960x640 Virginia State Romance

Who did you tell first about your engagement?

I first told my mom about the engagement. We were in the Bahamas, so call time was limited, butnd telling my mom is just like telling CNN because. I could rest assured that within minutes, everybody would know.

Are you used to the ring yet?

I am very used to the ring. I still gaze at it often and think to myself how cute it is that Hannibal picked it out all by himself, and how nervous he must have been right before he asked.

How many times do you accidentally say girlfriend instead of fiancee in a day?

I hardly (if ever) say girlfriend/boyfriend instead of fiance. I am too proud to wear this title and rarely ever make the mistake.

Enjoy a full gallery of the lovely couple’s engagement photos below, courtesy of  Ken-Won Miller of A Father’s Lens Photography.

IMG_1492-Copy-595x893 Virginia State Romance IMG_1567-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1558-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1538-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1532-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1517-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1497-Copy-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_6428-3-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_6376-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_6373-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_6367-595x893 Virginia State Romance IMG_6355-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_6354-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1613-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1605-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1594-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1591-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1587-595x397 Virginia State Romance IMG_1584-595x397 Virginia State Romance

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Michiel Perry

Michiel is a Black Southern Belle living a lowcountry life. I love all things fashion, home decor and southern! When I am not running around doing fun stuff for Black Southern Belle, I live in antique stores and have a minor obsession with historic homes 🙂

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    January 12, 2016 / 12:32 am

    Beautiful photos and congrats!

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