Wedding Hair Decisions for A Black Southern Bride

Every little girl growing up has dreamed of their wedding day or at least has had thoughts about what type of dress they would wear, what their perfect groom would look like, what colors they would have or what kind of food they would serve.  One of the last things that one would think about when planning a wedding is our wedding day hair.  

To some this may not seem like an extremely crucial part of the planning, but in my opinion your wedding day hair is just as important as the dress.   On a special occasion such as your wedding you want everything to be perfect, you want to stand out and you want all eyes on you.  The main thing you want to also keep in mind is that in wanting to stand out you still have to remember to not go overboard.  You never want to look back at your wedding pictures and think “what on earth was I thinking?”  You definitely don’t want your family and friends staring as you walk down the aisle trying to figure out who you are. Keep things simple.  You should never veer too far away from a hairstyle that you normally wear.  It is ok to want to try something new, but be sure to pick a style that compliments your features and most importantly makes you feel beautiful.

When picking a hairstyle there are a few dos and don’ts that I personally feel will help ease a lot of stress leading up to the big day.  The number one don’t is to never cover your face with your hair.  Wedding hair is supposed to be soft and accentuate your features not hide them.  The second don’t is never drastically changing your hairstyle to something you have never worn before.  Trust me; your wedding day is not the day you need to try neon green highlights.  Looking as natural as possible is the best solution.  It’s okay to change it up, but drastic changes can be detrimental.  Looking like an upgraded version of your normal self is just enough.  

Lastly the final don’t is don’t be cheap.  Pay someone who is going to give you the best quality of work and is an expert at their craft to give you the finest result.  The last thing that you want to have to do is find someone new at the last minute.  My three dos are simple; do your research, take your time and be you! Simply meaning that this is one of the most important days in your life so you should take all the time you need to make it everything you have ever dreamed plus more.

Living in the south a lot of southern brides tend to gravitate towards having their wedding in the warmer months.  Being a southern belle myself I can relate, but warmer weather affects hair textures differently.  When choosing your wedding day hairstyle you also have to consider the weather.  Using more products than your normal daily use will allow any hairstyle to hold and last with very minor touchups.  Also when planning your wedding day hair prepare for any type of weather change and always choose a hairstyle that will allow you the flexibility to make minor changes if needed.  Any hairstyle that you choose for your special day should ultimately exemplify your true beauty, so whether you are a natural sister, a weave wearer, or completely indecisive the options are limitless, be uniquely you and as long as you are happy with your choice then your wedding day and wedding hair will be picture perfect.


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