What To Consider When Picking Desserts for a Dinner Party

If you are one of those people who eats dinner just so you can have dessert, this article is just for you. Today with help from Danetra Richardson, owner of Swank Desserts,  we are letting you know What To Consider When Picking Desserts for a Dinner Party.  Danetra is a trained Chef and Charleston, SC resident who creates gourmet dessert experiences for her clients and is giving you the inside scoop on choosing desserts for your dinner party like a pro. Check out her tips below as well some delightful images of her Instagram worthy desserts.

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What To Consider When Picking Desserts for a Dinner Party

  • Guest count. If the guest count is smaller, it’ll be easier to arrange a more elaborate dessert, such as a plated dessert like a slice of cake with a sauce component and ice cream. If  the guest count is larger, keep it simple! A self-serve dessert display would be best. It can be set up ahead of time, which means more time spent with your guests and it’s also an added design element. You can also order the desserts from a local bakery and work with them to style and set-up the display. ( One of my favorite things to do!)

  • Food menu. While it’s not necessary, it’s always a nice touch when the desserts compliment the food menu. 
  • Seasonality. We have access to lots of fresh produce and fruit here in Charleston so incorporating them in desserts yields a better and much fresher flavor. It’ll also help create a theme and make it easier when to decide what to make or what to order. I.e. Strawberries during the early summer, heavy spice and apples in the fall. 

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