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10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Blogging is more than a hobby, it is also a job. The process of blogging is very time consuming, having to research, advertise, entice, and lay out all of your thoughts and ideas are not easy tasks. The art of blogging goes unnoticed by some, but very appreciated by others. A blogger takes time out of their day to educate and entertain a party of things that they assume the next person may find interesting. With that being said, bloggers take on plenty of topics that can be applicable to all audiences; therefore, it is great to experience the rise of Black Southern Belle bloggers that can talk about things to appeal to a more versatile audience. Hair maintenance, weddings, style, fashion, beauty, business, and food so forth are the topics that light up the hearts of black and southern women in a style that speaks directly to them. With this introduction, below we provide ten of the top Black Southern Belle bloggers.

LaTisha Guster based in Atlanta, GA is the creator of Blushing Black. She blogs about things from fashion, to beauty, to lifestyle. Oh, and she reminds us that “it ain’t too much for her to ‘gram!”

latisha-guster 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Ashleigh (Not Ashley!) L.A., born and still a resident of Atlanta, Georgia,  is creator of her blog Ashleigh Not Ashley. This blog talks about everyday life, including information for social justice seekers. 

ashleigh 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

The Writeous Babe Project includes just enough word play in the title to make me want to check this blog out immediately. This blog’s creator is Birmingham, Alabama based entrepreneur, educator, and writer, Javacia Harris Bowser whose writing is to empower women, promote wellness, and discuss race relations and business.

javaciaharrisbowserheadshot-960x1441 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

The “Redbone” with afropuffs behind the great blog, Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS, is Miriam Williams who is a Kentucky educator and writer who finds the time out of her busy schedule to encourage and share with us topics on “faith, feminism, family–from the perspective of a Black Girl Raised In The South.”

miriam 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Michele Grant is definately not afraid to think aloud [or on the internet] as she conducts her blog, Black n Bougie, which covers topics from faith, lifestyle, politics, race relations, or anything you want her opinion on. This sista has a few books and is an award winning author.

michele 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

 Shelly Dozier- Mckee is owner and creator of her home decor store and blog, ConfettiStyle. Her blog includes design guides, workshops, services, and so on! Anything crafty, you can go visit Shelly’s blog for help and assurance.

Shelly-Dozier-Mckee-ConfettiStyle-Interiors 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Erika Ward, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is known for her expertise interior design not only through her business, Erika Ward Interiors, but also through her blog, BluLabel Bungalow. Erika developed her blog to put her two passions [writing and design] together and spread her message “You deserve to live well and with style, I believe this with all my heart” (Erika Ward). 

erika 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Tiffany Khyla, creator of Endless Bliss, calls Shreveport, Louisiana her home and she loves themed parties, travel, fun, and getting lost in her thoughts. She tends to write about the things that she has learned during her younger years [she is still quite young] and her new experiences that have the capability to help others.

tiffany-595x893 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Nikka Shae, creator of her lifestyle blog, Oh! Nikka, is from Humble, Texas (this could explain her positivity) and developed her blog out of her passion for all things fabulous. This wife, mother, and friend is now located in Atlanta, but her wander lust helps to get the great glam review of any location.

Nikka-Shae-headshot-about-2 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

Living in North Carolina her childhood from the age of 6, and currently in Miami, we can definitely consider Shea from Curves and Confidence  a Black Southern Belle. Shea’s blog is style and fashioned based, addressing these curvy girls who should embrace what they have and let their style and fashion express their confidence!

shea 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

e363be685598e418a36f6aed47e7e5ed?s=100&d=mm&r=g 10 Black Southern Belle Bloggers

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