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DIY Wall Decor

Southern women love DIY. Whether it is for a wedding, school event or our homes. It is on our list of things to do just like shopping.


One of the best places for DIY is in the home and even better on your walls. The first thing someone sees when they look at  room after your furniture is what is on your wall. You can decorate with paint or you can opt for something with a little more flair, such as well decor.


That is where a DIY project comes in. I created this project using cardboard, tape, glue, toilet (or tissue) paper, a water bottle, and a body spray bottle.


  1. I cut the cardboard into the letters I wanted.
  2. Once the flat letters were cut out I cut more of the cardboard for each side making sure that all of the cardboard for the sides of the letters were all the same width.
  3. I then taped each side to the original letter and then taped all of the corners together

24 DIY Wall Decor

  1. Once each of the letters were made I began gluing pieces of toilet paper to the inside of the letters.
  2. To make the colorful dots that surround I simply used the base of a water bottle and a spray bottle and traced them on the cardboard. I then cut out each circle and colored them in using permanent markers.

110 DIY Wall Decor

If you want to make an event out of it, get some of your friends together, play some Beyonce or Erykah Badu (whichever belle you prefer) and add some sweet tea or mint juleps (depending on how stressful your day has been) and get to decorating and have some DIY fun1



pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 DIY Wall Decor

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Brittany Gilzene

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