Florida Coastal Home with Modern Style

Coastal living is so unique in the south. We especially love coastal decor. Coastal decor doesn’t mean all white splashes of blue all the time, and Nicole White Quinn shows us just how to add some modern and colorful touches to a home in her Sunrise, FL abode. Take a tour through this beautiful Florida belle’s home and be inspired to add some color to home and your life!


Nicole White Quinn


President/Principal Designer


Nicole White Designs Interiors LLC


Kingston, Jamaica

Current City:

Sunrise, Florida



What is your favorite room in your home?

My office. Scandalous. I know. But I spend a lot of time in that space so it was important that it be a reflection of my approach to design – a colorful, practical space with fun art, books, lots of books. It’s also a cozy space for my son to hang out in. He kinda claims that blue loveseat as his own.

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For the holidays, what are some of your favorite decor pieces to incorporate? 

Personalized items like my son’s drawings. I’ve framed every holiday art project since he started preschool and showcase them during the holidays. A bold runner or one with a hint of bling for the dining table. I’m also a sucker for scented candles and gold/silver candleholders.

How would you describe your home decor style?

Contemporary/comfy/colorful/collected. That’s quite the alliteration but it’s true. And it’s filled with sentimental favorites like my husband’s collection of african drums, Jamaican and Cuban art gifted to me by my aunt and cousin over the years.

What is your favorite piece of art in your home and why?

It’s a toss up between framed pieces of my son’s art and a sculpted face by a Jamaican artist. I had it framed and it hangs outside my office.

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Did your mother inspire any of the pieces in your home?

My mom has a bold design aesthetic so I think she’s inspired my equally bold approach to design.  

What is your motto when it comes to decorating your home?

Take your time. We bought our home a year and a half ago and it’s still a work in progress. I prefer to find the right item for a space rather than buy something just for the sake of buying something. I encourage clients to do the same. The best design projects are the ones where you can truly see a reflection of that client – where they’ve traveled, what they’ve read, their art collection.

Did you do any DIY projects in your home?

Well, our home was a complete gut job so my DIYs were very practical ones. I painted my son’s bedroom, the accent walls in my guest room and master bedroom. I also caulked and painted the baseboards in our guest room and grouted the backsplash tiles in our kitchen. I can get pretty hands on.

How does living in the south affect your home decor style?

We’re as far south as it gets which means we’re also pretty warm. This means my curtains are linen or sheers in various rooms to let a light breeze in when possible. Since we’re heavily influenced by the Caribbean and Latin America in our southern realm, my home is also a reflection of that with splashes of color throughout, images of the ocean, and in our art collection.

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Do you utilize local furniture brands?

No brands per se, but custom furniture, headboards and accent pieces from local craftsmen.  

Do you have any family heirlooms? If so, what and tell us more about them?

My mother-in-law sent me her old typewriter and I may have swooned when it arrived. I’m a journalist by training so that gift just made my heart sing. She also just sent us the red Radio Flyer wagon my husband played with as a toddler. Our son now whisks it around the house and it’s the centerpiece of our holiday decorations this year.

What are some of your mother’s home decor traits or styles that you inherited?

My mom is a lover of linen and burlap and I’ve definitely inherited that love affair. I only wish I’d inherited her green thumb.

What is your fondest memory or home decor shopping with your husband?

Lol. My husband loves nothing about home decor shopping. With the exception of our family room sectional, he truly leaves me alone to decorate our home as I see fit. He kinda knows his strengths and discussing fabrics and paint colors aren’t among them.    

In your kitchen, what piece of decor is the most functional and stylish and why?

Hmm. It’s a toss up between the antique mirrored tray that stores my weekly wine collection or our farm sink. Love that sink in all it’s massive and stylish splendor, and I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t like washing dishes. But that sink kinda inspires me to keep a clean kitchen, which makes my husband kinda happy.

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Florida Coastal Home with Modern Style 31


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