Greenville, SC Holiday Fun

Dad – Cory Bradley Patterson

Mom – Andria Williams Patterson

Daughter – Madeleine Emmanuel Patterson

Where is the mom from?

Greensboro, North Carolina

Where is your current location?

Greenville, South Carolina

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

My favorite thing about being a mom is watching our beautiful daughter blossom into a loving, caring, non-stop talking, sassy, fierce, determined, do-it-myself, problem-solving toddler.  Plainly put, there is never a dull moment in the house when Madeleine is around, and I love it!

What do you love about raising your children in the South?

I love the raising Madeleine in the South due to the hospitality traditions.  For instance, we wave and speak to complete strangers as if we’ve known them for years, and Madeleine has picked up on this.  She loves waving and talking to folks she never met, and she is very respectful when doing so, always saying “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, “please”, and “thank you”.   

What are some of their favorite southern dishes to eat? Which do they only eat if you make?

Madeleine’s favorite southern dishes are fried shrimp, fresh green beans cooked with smoked turkey, and macaroni and cheese.  Madeleine, like most toddlers, is very particular about the food she eats, and she is especially particular about her veggies – so she only eats green beans if she snaps them and I cook them.  

Why did you choose this location to do the family photo shoot?

Our amazing photographer chose Mystic Tree Farm for our holiday photos.  We moved to Greenville, South Carolina about a year and a half ago, and haven’t learned the area well, so we trusted Latoya to choose the perfect place and, looking at the photos, we think she did!

What are your favorite lessons to teach your children?

My husband and I strive to teach Madeleine to be respectful, while also being self-confident and assertive.  I think it’s very important to teach children to speak up for themselves in a respectful manner.  Respectful assertiveness is a learned skill that can be taken through life from the classroom to the boardroom.  

What is your favorite southern activity to do with them?

I enjoy taking Madeleine on long walks to explore nature.  Madeleine is very inquisitive and she remembers everything, so our walks generally turn into long question and answer sessions about everything from weather to why grass grows.  She often tells me about things that we previously discussed during a Q&A session as it becomes relevant from day to day.  

Do you have any favorite restaurants you like to take them?

This is not a Southern thing, but Madeleine loves Japanese Steakhouses, doesn’t matter the name.  She genuinely likes the food and doesn’t care for the show.  Each time we go, she orders (for herself) “Hibachi shrimp and vegetables, no rice.”

What are some of your favorite books you read to them?

Madeleine’s favorite book is the classic A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats.  She loves that there is a birthday party with cake at the end.  We love that Peter, the main character, steps outside of perceived gender roles, and that the author chose to use multicultural characters in his books.

Who styled the children for this shoot?

Cory and I styled Madeleine.  Believe it or not, my husband has a huge hand in dressing Madeleine each day.  Cory embraces the fact that Madeleine is our little fashionista.  On the date of the photoshoot, Cory picked out the dress and leggings; I added the faux fur vest.

What southern values do you hope they inherit as they grow up?

Our hope is that Madeleine inherits the southern values of kindness, love, and respect.

What advice did you get from your on parenting?

My mother has given tons of great advice on parenting, but central to her teachings are loving each other and not taking any moment for granted.  Cory and I strive to show Madeleine how much we love her, and each other, every day, and we try to embrace each moment that we have with each other.  We think it is important to Madeleine’s growth to have a loving family and grow up in a safe and loving environment so that she in turn loves, respects, and treats others right.  

Where did you get some of the clothing items?

Madeleine is dressed in Old Navy from head to toe.  Old Navy allows us to maintain our little fashionista without breaking the bank account.

Images by Courtesy of Latoya Dixon Photography

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