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Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

As a proud Howard University alum and book collector, this list is one of my favorites to curate. Full of rich history and heritage, Howard University is the perfect topic of book collections to add to your coffee table or home library. Here are a few Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table collection today. Be sure to share images of some of your favorite images with the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

In Search of the Talented Tenth: Howard University Public Intellectuals and the Dilemmas of Race, 1926-1970

515uor1BolL Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

From the 1920s through the 1970s, Howard University was home to America’s most renowned assemblage of black scholars. This book traces some of the personal and professional activities of this community of public intellectuals, demonstrating their scholar-activist nature and the myriad ways they influenced modern African American, African, and Africana policy studies.

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Howard University: The First Hundred Years 1867-1967 

415X70EBCKL Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

Drawing from his own knowledge and university documents, Logan traced Howard’s chronology from 1866, when it was conceived as a theological seminary for African American ministers, to the increasingly successful, and in Logan’s words, cosmopolitan, institution of the 1960s. Logan detailed university milestones, including Howard’s founding by an act of Congress in 1867 and the election of Dr. Mordecai W. Johnson, the university’s first black president, in 1926, as well as the accomplishments of Howard graduates. More than thirty years after its first publication, Logan’s engaging account is essential for a thorough understanding of Howard, and its place in the legacy of historically black universities.

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Dorothy Porter Wesley at Howard University: Building a Legacy of Black History

71qSVYMH5OL Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

When Dorothy Burnett joined the library staff at Howard University in 1928, she was given a mandate to administer a library of Negro life and history. The school purchased the Arthur B. Spingarn Collection in 1946, along with other collections, and Burnett, who would later become Dorothy Porter Wesley, helped create a world-class archive known as the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center and cemented her place as an immensely important figure in the preservation of African American history. Wesley’s zeal for unearthing materials related to African American history earned her the name of Shopping Bag Lady.” Join author, historian and former Howard University librarian Janet Sims-Wood as she charts the award-winning and distinguished career of an iconic archivist.”

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We Are Worth Fighting For: A History of the Howard University Student Protest of 1989

71R8McbfNQL-1440x2158 Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

We Are Worth Fighting For is the first history of the 1989 Howard University protest. The three-day occupation of the university’s Administration Building was a continuation of the student movements of the sixties and a unique challenge to the politics of the eighties. Upset at the university’s appointment of the Republican strategist Lee Atwater to the Board of Trustees, students forced the issue by shutting down the operations of the university. The protest, inspired in part by the emergence of “conscious” hip hop, helped to build support for the idea of student governance and drew upon a resurgent black nationalist ethos.            At the center of this story is a student organization known as Black Nia F.O.R.C.E. Co-founded by Ras Baraka, the group was at the forefront of organizing the student mobilization at Howard during the spring of 1989 and thereafter. We Are Worth Fighting For explores how black student activists—young men and women— helped shape and resist the rightward shift and neoliberal foundations of American politics. This history adds to the literature on Black campus activism, Black Power studies, and the emerging histories of African American life in the 1980s. 

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Howard University in the World Wars: Men and Women Serving the Nation 

71M8ceAUyL Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

Despite African Americans’ lack of political, social and economic equality in the United States, the students of Howard University answered the call to service in both world wars. Howard supported its men and women in the quest to serve their nation. The university started an army training program during the First World War, and Howard faculty, staff and students pushed the War Department to begin an officer training school for African Americans. The university organized a Reserve Officer Training program in the interwar years, the first at an HBCU. Many of the famed Tuskegee Airmen of World War II were trained first at Howard. Based on a collection of letters sent by Howard students and alumni to the university, historian and archivist Lopez D. Matthews illuminates their wartime experiences.

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pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Howard University Books To Add To Your Coffee Table

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