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Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

Want to learn more about Kwanzaa? Check out these great Kwanzaa Books and be sure to add them to your library collection. They are also perfect to add to your coffee table to celebrate year round. What are some of your Kwanzaa traditions? Be sure to tag us on social media during your Kwanzaa Celebrations and dinners using the hashtag #blacksouthernbelle

Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

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KWANZAA: How to Celebrate it in your Home

One of the most popular Kwanzaa books in the U.S. The original book was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Dayton Daily News, Dallas weekly; Black Entertainment Network, and many other national media sources. “This book should be in everyone’s school and home library!” KWANZAA is an African American cultural holiday that is celebrated from December 26 to January 1 annually. It was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Professor of Africana Studies at California State University-Long Beach. The seven-day celebration has since become a recognized part of the December holiday season, celebrated by millions of people. “Kwanzaa is a time for people to reaffirm the bonds between them; a time of spiritual renewal; a time for honoring our ancestors; a time of recommitment to our highest cultural ideals; and a time to celebrate the good of family, community and culture.”-M.K. This book will show you how to celebrate Kwanzaa in your home. It contains everything you need to participate in this unique and remarkable holiday. Heri za Kwanzaa-Happy Kwanzaa!

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My First Kwanzaa (My First Holiday) 

During the seven days of Kwanzaa, we celebrate the importance of family, friends, and community. This warm and lively introduction to a very special holiday will help even the youngest children join in! Author and illustrator Karen Katz’s wonderful series of picture books for the very young offer a simple and fun way to get familiar with the traditions of holiday celebrations from different cultures.

81Xm1qyK-5L Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Kwanzaa

Celebrate Kwanzaa continues the spectacular Holidays Around the World series by focusing on this African-American holiday, which falls during the festive, gift-giving season and is celebrated by families, communities, and schools throughout America. With succinct, lively text and beautiful photographs, the book celebrates African-American culture and helps us to understand and appreciate this special holiday. 

Over the course of seven days, African Americans, families and friends, come together to light the candles that symbolize their past and future—and their unity. They gather as a community to make music and to dance; to feast on harvest foods and the good things of the earth; and to exchange simple, often homemade, gifts. Readers are introduced to the symbols of the holiday, such as the mkeka (a special placemat), kinara (candleholder), and kikombe cha umoja (unity cup). Important concepts, like the seven principles, are explained. In addition, a note from the book’s consultant, aimed at parents and teachers, puts the holiday in its full cultural and historical perspective.

51dJK172N1L._SX351_BO1204203200_ Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African-American Holiday Tradition 1st Edition

Since 1966, Kwanzaa has been celebrated as a black holiday tradition – an annual recognition of cultural pride in the African American community. But how did this holiday originate, and what is its broader cultural significance?

Kwanzaa: Black Power and the Making of the African-American Holiday Tradition explores the political beginning and later expansion of Kwanzaa, from its start as a Black Power holiday, to its current place as one of the most mainstream of the black holiday traditions. For those wanting to learn more about this alternative observance practiced by countless African Americans and how Kwanzaa fits into the larger black holiday tradition, Keith A. Mayes gives an accessible and definitive account of the movements and individuals that pushed to make this annual celebration a reality, and shows how African-Americans brought the black freedom struggle to the American calendar.

71oHcvNd14L Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

Kwanzaa (Rookie Read-About Holidays)

This fact-filled Rookie Read-About Holiday book introduces the youngest readers to the traditions, festivities, and history of Kwanzaa. Colorful photos and very simple nonfiction text encourage children to read on their own as they take an in-depth look at this joyous African-American holiday.

51NLBFdqUyL Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

Seven Days Of Kwanzaa

Introduces the African-American holiday of Kwanzaa, and provides information on holiday parties, recipes for African-inspired dishes, instructions for holiday craft projects, and brief biographies of individuals whose lives represent each of the seven principles.

51WJebxjWRL Kwanzaa Books to Add to Your Collection

My First Kwanzaa Book

A vibrant picture book brings to life the Kwanzaa holiday during the last week of December as Grandma brings special food, Grandpa lights the candles, and the whole family celebrates their heritage. Reprint.

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