Last Minute DIY Flowers for the Black Southern Belle Mom in Your Life

It is Friday. You still haven’t ordered a thing and you are living on a HBCU student budget or that good old DC/NYC/Any major city living out my life dream of changing the world budget. We have your gift answers solved, make a floral arrangment for her.

Mother’s Day arrangements may seem quite overwhelming, but I have simple solution for you! She will think you really cared and you will save money. WIN! Here is how to do it and be stylish while it gets done!

Choose two to three kinds of mom’s favorite flowers and make a dynamite arrangement. I used 1 cabbage, three hydrangeas, and three peonies.

Total cost: 20$ ( You can still afford to cook or make her brunch with that cost!)

Step 1: Find a pretty vase from a thrift store or your mom’s favorite container that will hold water. (There is nothing wrong with a good yard sale. Lord knows we love them in the south!)

Step 2: Go to any grocery store or floral wholesale to buy flowers. (All Hail Publix and Piggly Wiggly! Man I miss those stores.

Step 3: Arrange the flowers in varying sequences, big to small or dark to light, and cut the stems at an angle to soak up lots of water.

Viola! A beautiful Mother’s Day arrangement that even the most high maintenance of mothers will love. After all after food and shopping, black southern moms love flowers and gardening and one day you will to. You may as well start now 🙂







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