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Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

ElonWick is a online candle store based out of Guyton, Ga. This online store is full of candles that are not only made with natural products that are safer for the body and home but, they are also full of the most wonderful fragrances you could think of. Read more about the owner and creator  Elondia Harden of ElonWick to learn more about her candles   

Your Name: Elondia Harden

Business Name: ElonWick & Company

Where ar you based? Guyton, Ga

What do you provide?

“ Candles made out of natural products such as soy.”

What inspired you to start your business?

“I started my business because I bought way too many candles and I got tired of them going out really quick. . At the time, I was also in a place where I needed extra money but I wasn’t putting two and two together. I was just making candles out of a hobby and wanted to give them to my family to see how they would like it. Then shortly after, it just ended up turning into a business. So here I am a year later in 27 states.”

20170304-DSC_9716-3-595x893 Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

How did you come up with the name ElonWick?

“Well, my name is Elondia. Elon means “strong” and Dia means “light”. So it’s just switching Dia with Wick. You know, nobody is going to look at a candle and say, “What is Elondia?” but ElonWick, it’s catchy. What is that? Wick. You have to have a candle so hey, put two and two together and it works. That made it easy for me.

How long have you been in business?

“A little over a year and five months. October 2015 is when I started making the candles more than once a week but it wasn’t until April of 2016 that I became fully official.

With your candles, are there any special ingredients you use? If so can you share them?

“It’s pretty simple. I make my candles with soy wax which has a good clean burn and I use essential oils. There are some that I have to tweak a little with fragrance oils but for the most part, love. I put a little piece of myself in each candle. If I make a batch and it doesn’t come out right, even one, the whole batch gets thrown out and I start over again. I’m not going to sell something that’s not up to par. If I’m not going to burn it in my house, I’m not going to sell it to anyone. So, I put myself in the candles. Each of my fragrances are a memory for someone in my family or a memory in my life. Something that makes me remember a good moment in my childhood.  So when I say that each scent/candle is a part of me, that’s what I mean. People get to take a little part of me home without me being in their house lol. Everything is me. My personality, my family. My candles reflect that.

20170304-DSC_9725-3-595x397 Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

You mentioned that you use Soy Wax which has a clean burn. Can you elaborate on what a clean burn is for those who may not know?

“Yes. Soy wax is a natural product (soy beans). They burn slow. During the hurricane I had candles all over my house and they burned for 3 days straight and still weren’t done. Soy wax is also good for people who have pets like dogs or allergies.

What makes ElonWick special? Why would someone want to come and buy an ElonWick candle versus one of your competitors?

“I believe my candles stand out because of the vibe it brings. Even down to the way my candles look, it has a very chill and inviting look. It’s not something that’s just going to go with a holiday. It is the same year-round. I am the same person year-round. Anything I do will be the same and I’m very consistent with that. Also, the different smells that individuals like matches their personality. So, a lot of times I make sure I have scents for: the happy go lucky people, type A and type B people, introverts, and extroverts. I pretty much have candles down to a science. My candles stand out because, I blend my fragrances and literally study the different types of soy wax to find the best one. I work really hard to make sure I have the perfect candle and it reflects that.

20170304-DSC_9718-3-595x397 Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

How long does it take you to make a full batch?

“There are days when I make an entire inventory that takes me all together, nonstop, about 16 to 18 hours. I can literally spend an entire day making candles and it’s no joke. Because of that,  I have to have my space. I have a candle making playlist that has to play lol. I’m very particular when it comes to my candle making time because it’s important to me. Everything needs to be lined up the way it’s supposed to be.

What is the biggest take away you would want readers to know about your business or you as a business owner?

“I would want them to know that this didn’t start from an idea that someone gave me or because I wanted to outdo someone else. It literally came from a dream that I had maybe two months prior to me making a candle and $35 in Hobby Lobby that has turned into what it is today. It wasn’t, “I need to go to the bank and take out a loan.” No. I worked and spent every dollar that I’ve earned on my 9-5 to do this. I have even quit my 9-5 and tried to do this entrepreneur thing for 4 months.  It really is hard work and if there is anyone reading this, wanting to step out on faith and do their own thing, I encourage them to do it. If it’s something that’s making their daily lives uncomfortable and they know they need to go some other place and do what they have to do, do what you have to do. That is where changing your atmosphere comes from. You have to change in order to grow. Protect your peace and change.  


Where can we find you?

Instagram: ElonWick & Company

Facebook: ElonWick  


20170304-DSC_9708-3-595x893 Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

All Images by Mercede B Photography

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Savannah, GA Entrepreneur with a Passion for Candles

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