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Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings

Sure, Soul Food, whether it’s creamy shrimp and grits, hearty chicken and dressing, a comforting bowl of green or a plate of oxi tails and rice, knowing how to pair it with the right wine will aid in quit the lit Soul Food experience. And experience so wonderful that you my darling Southern Belle will be the subject of every dinner party going forward.
Soul Food, so flavorful, so bold, so delicious and so satisfying. There’s nothing like it! Because of the flavor variety-the pairing selection has to be done carefully. I’ve created a few pairing steps, in case you’re the hostess for the next friends and family function.

Authentic Southern meals are like non-other. Soul Food, richly rooted to places like Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and surrounding southern states dating back well over 100 years.  Soul Food is especially celebrated during Sunday dinners, Thanksgiving and Christmas. While many of the dishes pair well with wine, they have to be chosen carefully. I’ve taken the guessing out of it and created a cheat sheet for all of my Southern Belles to get started.

Soul Food & Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet: Sure to impress the entire party

Dish: Fried Chicken Wine Pairing: Lambrusco. 
This wine’s acidity pairs well with fatty foods, therefore it’s a great candidate for fried chicken.

4168293717_d3a494754d_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings

Dish: Gumbo Wine Pairing: Zinfandel
Pairs perfectly because the gumbo has such a rich flavor, a textured wine is bodied enough to cut through the richness and sweet enough to deal with any spicy flavors.

816951791_44a76729f3_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
“Gumbo” by madaise is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 
33265573360_cd56f729d1_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
Trader Joe’s Zinfandel Petit Reserve (Lodi) 2013

Dish: Collards, Beans and other Greens Wine Pairing: Sauvignon Blanc
Most greens and beans bring a bitterness to the meal.  A wine such a s Sauvignon Blanc is acidic and bright and will balance out the meal.

32659971916_da02c4b7d1_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
“Collard Greens 09” by Key West Wedding Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Dish: Mac and Cheese, Potatoes or Grits Wine Pairing: Chardonnay
The bright acidity brought by Chardonnay cuts directly through the rich flavors presented by starchy foods such as these.

26275675821_b8e849aa9a_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
“Macaroni cheese bake –” by Rob Galloway is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Dish: Sweet Potato Pie Wine Pairing: Moscato d’Asti 
There’s no doubt that this wine would taste amazing on its one . However, ones your taste buds are exposed to something sweet, like pie they become temporarily accustomed to the elevated sugar levels. Therefore, a sweet wine such as this pairs well.

15961871865_b9deb43b2e_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
“Sweet Potato Pie” by osiristhe is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 
15935210155_dcdfde0a78_b Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings
“Grove Hill” by Edsel L is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

Shamika Minisee is a guest writer who calls herself a Honorary Southern Belle who resides in Alabama.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings

e0b550bfd7737891e84944d458c330d7?s=100&d=mm&r=g Soul Food & Wine….Perfect Pairings

Shamika Minisee

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