Petersburg, VA Wedding with Southern Romance

Today we are showcasing a beautiful southern love story. This Petersburg, VA Wedding with Southern Romance is exactly what you need to get through the week. This HBCU couple showcases their love in this classic southern wedding. Get inspired by Keifen and Jamesia’s love story today.

Petersburg, VA Wedding with Southern Romance

Bride Name: Jamesia S. H. Blunt (maiden name: Hobbs)

Groom Name: Keifen J. Blunt

Wedding Location: Petersburg/Fort Lee, Virginia

Wedding Date: August 26,2017

Alma Mater of Bride: North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Alma Mater of Groom: University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Current City where you live: Dumfries, VA

Hometown: Bride – Jacksonville, NC / Groom – Laurel, MD

Please answer the following in full and complete sentences with description stories

How did you meet?  He remembers me from when I was younger and I knew of him, but don’t remember ever meeting him.  We officially met on November 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving) at his grandparents’ house in Franklin, VA when his Aunt Claudette Mason (my mother’s good friend from high school) and cousin, Ricky “Deon” Blunt Jr. decided to try to hook us up.  His Aunt and cousin had talked that morning about who would be perfect for him.  Later on, his cousin texted me that all the family were over playing games and that I should come by.  I came over, from across the street where my grandmother lives, and his Aunt immediately called me to her bedroom.  While in the bedroom she asked, “Are you seeing someone?” I replied, “No.” She then said, “I might have someone for you to meet.” I replied, “Who?” To which she replied, “One of my nephews.” Surprised, I replied, “But aren’t they all married or engaged?” With a smile she says, “Keifen isn’t married anymore.” Thoughtfully, I replied, “I might as well.”  Coincidently, as soon as I said that, Keifen and his cousin peeped around the kitchen door and directly at me.  Fast forward to later that evening, Keifen, three of his cousins/cousins-in-law, and I decided to drive out to their other cousins house in Courland, VA.  On the way, Deon started asking me questions about what I was looking for in a mate.  I decide to go along and start answering.  Unbeknownst to me, however, Keifen was getting angry because I was answering the questions in a manner that make him think that Deon rehearsed this with me prior to the car ride.  We arrived in Courtland, go inside, and the questions along with jokes about childhood memories continue until Deon asks, “Well how do you feel about taking the last name Blunt?” To which I replied, “I think that is enough questions for tonight.”  When it was time to leave, Deon and the other cousins that rode with were staying in Courtland and so it was just Keifen and me on the ride back home.  We had a good conversation, I thought he was handsome, so I had already decided I was going to give him my number; however, we stopped at my grandmother’s house, he said he had a good time and told me goodnight.  I thought to myself, “well that was anti-climactic.”  Four days later, I received a text from Deon asking if Keifen could have my number, I said, “yes,” and he called me that same night.  The rest is really history.  We had a lot in common from our background, we knew each other’s families, and it was easy for us to be able to let our guard down.  We made the decision to develop a friendship first so that we wouldn’t ruin the family friendships if things didn’t work out.

How long did you date?  We started talking as friends, on November 30, 2015, officially became a couple on May 28, 2016 at his family’s annual Memorial Day cookout/fish fry, and were engaged on August 17, 2016.  So about 9 months.

How did he propose?  I decided to purchase a house in April of 2016 with the intent of it being just my house.  However, as we progressed, around the June timeframe, I really had made the decision in my mind that he was “the one.”  We had a conversation where I told him that I felt we were moving in a permanent direction and he assured me that he was looking for the same.  So, I asked him how he felt about buying the home together, with the understanding that we would need to be engaged to be married before or within 6 months of moving in with one another.  He agreed that it sounded like a good plan and started making his own plans on how/when he would propose.  He took care of the first step of asking my parents for my hand during a visit with my brother in Pennsylvania but I had no clue when the actual proposal was coming.  I was impatient, need to get that out of the way before telling the rest.  According to him, he tried three different times to get me to come to an activity with the intent of proposing to me there, but I kept ruining his plans by not being in the mood or wanting to just stay home and spend quality time.  I was not mastering patience well as during that same time, one of my line sisters got engaged and I was headed to another line sister’s wedding.  So finally, on August 17, 2016, when we were doing a walk-through in our future home, he had arranged to surprise me there.  I was super excited about the house and during the walk-through, we told me to go look at some defect he thought he saw.  I walked towards it, not seeing anything, and when I turned around to ask him what he talking about, he was on his knee in our future kitchen with a ring box open on a support beam.  He gave me a beautiful speech about how we were right for one another and asked if I would marry him.  I, of course, said yes through my tears and accepted the ring.  The building staff at Pulte decided to do a beam in our honor and marked the door beam in our future bedroom with a heart, our initials, and the dated we were in engaged.

When did you know he was the one?  We were driving back from Franklin, VA (in either April or May 2016) one weekend and I started thinking about all of the dreams I used to have a child about my future husband.  I began running down the list of things that I told my great-grandmother, Mama Jean (Virginia Barrett), and my grandmother, Bernice Knight, about the life I wanted to live when I got older and remembering a prayer that I spoke to God during July 2015.  About halfway through the recollection, I realized that he had/displayed everything that I was looking for.  I then turned to him and said, “I love you.”

What is the cutest thing he has done for you without you asking?  Most mornings since we started really talking in earnest (mid-December 2015) he would send me little notes or pictures every morning.  Some were simply a good morning/hello, others were encouraging, and others were affirmation of his feelings.  All of them are special and I keep them for review everyone now and again.

What is something you love about him that has completely changed your life?  His unwavering willingness to help and his attention to details has allowed me to depend on someone outside of my family and girlfriends.  I don’t ask for help a lot because I was previously unwilling to be disappointed in a friend because they didn’t help.  However, he constantly asks me if I need something or if I want something or randomly brings something home he knows I like.  Being able to have a partner that pays attention and wants to help has been that best part of opening up to him.

What part of wedding planning made you crazy?  VENDORS.  I had not really thought of what I wanted in a big wedding.  I always thought I was going to go to the justice of the peace.  So, developing the concept and figuring out the elements that would bring the feeling I wanted was hard.  However, getting the vendor that I thought I could trust to deliver my vision was the hardest and craziest part.  

What part of wedding planning could you not live without?  The support of my husband, family, and married friends who gave me solid advice.

What was your first thought the day after your engagement? I didn’t have a particular thought, but I do remember feeling settled.  I know marriage is not in the plans for some women but it was for me.  I felt extremely successful in all my other goals but the relationship category was unsettled.  After we got engaged, I felt like I could finally start a goal that had been long unexplored.

What was your favorite part about the ceremony? Saying “I do” and jumping over the broom.

What was your favorite part about the wedding? Seeing the plan come together.  I am a bit of a planner (huge understatement).  Two weeks before the wedding, I finished the K&J Wedding Guidebook, which was a ~20 page book of all of the wedding plans, details, snippets of vendor contracts, and a schedule for the day for all parties involved.  My wedding coordinator and parents were a bit concerned but I had complete faith in the people involved being able to pull it off.  There were changes and last minute things forgotten but overall everyone did their part to make the day special and it was.

Did you do any DIY?  The only DIY thing by hand was the wedding favors, guest hotel bags, table numbers, and gifts for the wedding party.  We hired the photographer, videographer, baker, and decorator but I used a lot of pins from Pinterest to convey what I wanted.

What were your wedding colors? Amethyst & Champagne with Gold & Black accents

What was your wedding theme? Vintage meets Fairytale


What is your favorite part about being married to each other? Having a partner that is also a friend who I enjoying being with.

What did you learn about each other through the wedding planning process?  How to communicate with one another more effectively, thanks to our marriage counseling, with Dr. Alonza Lawrence (Moore Street Missionary Baptist Church –

What southern traditions did you do at your wedding? Bridal portraits, pearls, southern cuisine, jumping the broom, does large ballroom wedding count??

Did you have any southern food on your menu? Our menu was prime rib, chicken Florentine, vegetable medley, southern style green beans, red skin potatoes, and rolls.  We had red velvet, pistachio, lemon, yellow, and chocolate coke. 

What did you love about being a southern bride?  Having a huge southern wedding and seeing all of my family and friends come together.  We had around 400 people show up, so there were family reunions, class reunions, and “I didn’t know you were related to (fill in the blank)” moments happening all night.




Wedding Planner: Me and my Mom with guidance from my cousin, Cynthia Barrett-Walloe, The Royal Planner (business name) –

Invites: David’s Bridal – / RSVPify –

Programs: Cre8tive Designz, LLC –

Flowers: No live flowers

Church: Tabernacle Baptist Church –

Rehearshal Dinner Catering: Fodrey Catering Concepts, LLC –

Reception Catering: The Lee Club –

Decorations: Elegant Occasions –

Dress: David’s Bridal –

Hair: I.C. Beauty in You –

Makeup: Amber’s Cosmetics –

Photographer: Crystal Cofie Photography –

Videographer:  Cortese Photography & Film –

Cake: Flourpot Cakery –

Photobooth: CheeZeefotos –

DJ/Entertainment: DJ LL –

Soloist: Vonda Warren-Lilly –

Musician: Ronald Courts – (verifying new contact info)

Transporation: Price4Limo –

Rentals (not sure what this is? Tux?) – Men’s Warehouse


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